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Wyldwolfe 42M
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4/8/2006 5:37 am

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It's the Amazing Inviso-Guy!

Howdy, all! And by "all", of course, I mean the 5 people who've seen this blog since I started it, two of which have bothered to comment, and ONE of which bothered to vote in my poll...

I know, I know - for the few of you who have bothered reading this blog, all this bitchin' and moanin' shit is old hat to you by now. Well just bear with me for one more good bitch-fest post, then I'll move on to more positive pastures, k? Granted, those pastures will have NOTHING whatsoever to do with my experiences on this site, as there's really nothing good to say on that topic at this point. But I'll figure out something else to talk about. Honest! But since this is my final bitchfest, be warned - it's gonna be a DOOZY...

Which brings me to my point of the day. I have a theory. Either being a guy on here totally SUCKS, or I just need to grow some washboard abs and take some nudie pics. Most likely the latter. Which really bugs me, let me tell ya. Anyway, of all the women (about 20) I've e-mailed since joining a week ago, ONE has shown very slight possible interest, and she just isn't really what I'm looking for (ain't that always how it goes?). I've changed my profile to be less kooky, so I'm now at a bit of a loss to explain my EXTREME lack of attraction for the opposite sex. The lack of hardbodied nudie pics are the only thing I can think of, but I haven't the body nor the inclination to go that route. So if that's all the ladies want, guess this site isn't what I thought it was. Juat more of the same shallow, superficial crap one finds in the "real world".

I said previously that there are "two types" on this site. In his comment to my last post, 49AK noted quite rightly that it's not as simple as all that, and there are endless shades of gray in between. I agree, but at the same time I stand behind what I wrote. The extremes always stick out the most. Shades of gray notwithstanding, the folks at the extremes are the ones you can note as "obviously" of one type or another. In the title to my last post, I likened the situation to the "deep end" and "shallow end" of a pool. And just like in a pool, there are many points one could be at, besides those two extremes. But I'm seeking those who are very close to the "deep" end, and trying to avoid those nearer the "shallow" end. And the in-betweens I'll evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Ha - listen to me talk about "evaluating". As if I'm swamped with e-mails from women just begging for my attention, rather than the cold, empty inbox I'm actually faced with - EVERY time I log in. For a while, I tried telling myself that it would be a lot simpler if I didn't live in Podunksville, Wisconsin. After all, there are only about 30 women TOTAL from my town on this site, and every time I search I just see those same profiles over and over. If I lived in one of the big Wisconsin 3 - Milwaukee, Madison, or Green Bay - I probably would do much better, I admit. But as I said before, my girlfriend, from the SAME Podunk town, has no end of horny-ass guys on here, all desperately after her pussy. True, she barely gives 'em the time of day as far as sex goes, but at least she TALKS to them. Which is more than I can say for the women I've contacted.

So is it them, or is it me? My girlfriend is hot as hell and she loves everything about me, so I have a bit of trouble believing that I'm the problem. This also tells me I'm NOT physically ugly, although I suppose it's possible I just got some bad pictures on here. Or maybe it's my approach. Maybe I'm not saying the EXACT RIGHT things in my profile and e-mails, so I'm totally turning women off.

I dunno...and I'm rapidly losing my ability to care. It's just becoming too much effort to try and get into these womens' heads and figure out what the fuck they WANT. What magical words will actually get them to respond to an e-mail. I've always prided myself on being real and not playing games...a trait I'm ashamed to say I violated for a short time on here, in a desperate attempt to attract somebody. One of the lower points in my life, and I'm over it now.

Anyway, I digress. The simplicity and ease is why I loved the idea of this site at first. It seemed a place one could go for regular people who wanted to enjoy each other freely. But nope. The reality doesn't match the image. To get any real use from this site, you've got to be the Perfect Male Sex Object, who looks and acts like he just stepped out of a porno, a music video, or a romance novel, take your pick. It's just another playground for the "beautiful people", while the rest of us are lucky to get anything out of it at all. Ah well. Another nice idea ruined by human shallowness, I guess. And probably the second worst 20 bucks I've ever spent. Lesson learned. I shall move on a wiser man.

What sucks now, though, is I'm in the same rut I was in before AdultFriendFinder - just HOW exactly does a quiet "home body" like me find a sex partner when I don't go to bars or clubs? Not only that, but it's tough when you can't tell who's willing to enjoy a good fuck from who's secretly looking for "Mr. Right". Yeah, an open relationship rocks, but when there's no sex to be found, what's the point? Unlike my girlfriend, who has to beat guys off her with a stick, I'm more in the "beggars can't be choosers" category, apparently. But goddammit, WHY must I be a beggar? There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with me! I'm awesome, in fact. I have a good head on my shoulders, I'm emotionally stable, I'm intelligent, I'm...I'm...fuck...guess I'm pretty damn boring, huh? That must be it. I don't have that dark, naughty, bad-boy, Hollywood, rock star "excitement" that sets womens' hearts all aflutter. Oh fucking well. That's not who I am. So all these superficial dames can right about eat me. Figuratively speaking, of course. there ANYONE on here who will fit the bill? ANYONE who isn't too goddamned shallow to try me out?........

.......*crickets chirping*...........

Hm...maybe I'll try the chatrooms, as 49AK suggested. Last time I was in there I left pretty fast, as it was just a bunch of folks brownnosing and hugging and gushing about how "hot" and "gorgeous" each other was, and how much they all wanted to screw each other, but maybe it'll get me somewhere. If I can stomach it long enough. Well, that's about all the bitching I can stand for now, so I guess that's it. As promised, my next post will be more positive - i.e. NOT about my experience with this Web site. Farewell for now, my few-and-far-between readers.

Hey...perhaps I could milk this dour bitchy attitude into some kind of "goth" thing!....Nah, that's just more game-playing bullshit. Gotta stop giving in to crap like that. Hell, gotta stop giving in to this sourness altogether. People might start thinking I'm a whiny little bitch or somethin'. :>

rm_cru1972 44M
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4/8/2006 1:29 pm

Well we know you can bitch, now let us see what else you can do in your blog, then get out there and let others know you are here, visit people, leave comments. But most important have some fun in Blogville.

Wyldwolfe 42M
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4/8/2006 5:56 pm

Thanx man, definitely will do!

papyrina 51F
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4/9/2006 3:17 pm

read and comment every where,there are too many great blogs so newbies do get lost,so you have to get your self noticed,if you don't comment you will fall through the cracks,comment comment comment

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