The first email  

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3/3/2006 4:35 pm

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3/9/2006 1:25 am

The first email

This is an actual email I sent to someone that wrote in her profile about wanting hot sex, doing it on counter tops, being watched, long drawn out sex, and wanted someone to fulfill these needs. I emailed her this:

Care for a nice slow licking to draw out the sensation of a orgasm? A quick flick of my tongue lightly across your swollen puss, your juices taunting me to lick want more, but your orgasm still lingers. The sensitivity is overwhelming but you want more....Foreplay after sex is amazing if you havn't tried it before, you should. Think in terms of foreplay to sex to orgasm to foreplay to sex to orgasm as long as you can hold out. I can do 3-4, more if she isn't too sore. Hope to see a message from you in my

Of course I added a couple non-adult pictures and attached my profile. I got a reply with a few questions and asking for a picture (though I've yet to hear back-ah well)

This first email:
Definitely got my attention - Let's talk
Is better than most - I'll think about it
Isn't any different than the others - Can you say DELETED!

actlikeanimals 60F

3/6/2006 10:28 am

Considering SHE makes the first attempt at asking for WHAT SHE wants, this is a great email! Sounds like to me though, with the length of her anticipated reply..she is all talk and NO action!

keep trying babe.......

AdultFriendFinder wouldn't allow me to respond to your latest blog about cloths I am going to here.

I definitely know what you mean. I love low ride jeans. I like the look that my cunt area is "little" and it makes a gap between my thighs. That little space I know can drive a man wild. Like he see it and wondes about his face being there, tongue lagging and ohhhh I can't go on!

I love a man to be aroused. Because its like a magnet for me. I touch and reach for his erection anytime anyplace I can. Discretion yes, but he will know I want him and I want to touch. There have been many a time, I have unzipped my guys pants in the elevator as I backed up to him, pulled it out and messaged him right there. He liked to make the elevator go up and down just so I could turn around and suckle him on my knees till the froth formed around my mouth and I wanted (and did many times) tear open my blouse and expose my swollen breasts and hard tits for him stroking his cock between them till he came. mmmm....where are all the men like that now!!!

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