Thursday 05/11  

WstArkCpl 48M/44F
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5/11/2006 3:10 am
Thursday 05/11

Well, it was almost same story second verse last night. Had a nice hot 69 with my wife, I started out on top, I wanted her to start out on top but she said it wasn't wet enough yet, so I ate her good, then I pulled out a nice big fat dildo and slid it in. After she had gotten off a couple of times, and I had sucked her creamy cum out of her pussy I asked her if she would like to have a real cock that big, all she would say was oh yeah....She finally made me get my cock wet. I fucked her for a few minutes before she told me to go get a towel as she had had too much alcohol and needed to get rid of some. I ran and got a towel she placed it on the bed and then climbed on top of me. It was the first time she had ever given me a shower while she was sucking my cock, God I thought I was gonna cum in her mouth, but I held back. Once I got showered good she was ready to get fucked her, so she moved long enough for me to get up, she got on all 4s and told me to fuck her like the bitch she is, she got slammed really good and had another orgasm from that. After that we kissed, told each other we loved them, and went to sleep for the night.

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