Saturday 06/03  

WstArkCpl 48M/44F
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6/3/2006 6:39 am
Saturday 06/03

Well, I haven't added anything in a week or so, it was that time of month and for some crazy reason I have a problem with having sex when my wifes monthly visitor rolls around. Anyway, Thursday night my wife gets home from visiting her girlfriend, and proceeds to keep me awake till 2AM on a work night, we had fun though sucking, licking, fucking......She got a good nights sleep after that.

Then yesterday for lunch since I only worked half a day, when my wife got home I was ready for more, I met her at the door, kissing her and hands roaming all over, then we headed to the bedroom where we had a hot fun 69, her legs got tired, so she rolled off, and I gave her a good orgasm with her red dildo, she then got on all 4s as she was ready for me to give it to her good. I kept giving it to her with the dildo, so I could pull as much of her cum out as possible (it tastes SO good) and then got behind her, she told me to fuck her like a bitch, and so I gave it to her good.
Too bad she had to go back to work......

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