Surfing Fantasy  

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5/13/2005 10:34 pm

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Surfing Fantasy

I wrote this fantasy for a good woman freind that I met on AdultFriendFinder. We ended up doing all of this and more except -- we never went to beach -- we went straight to the bedroom. Feel free to comment in any way you like:
You express interest in learning how to surf. I have thought others. So, I offer to take you on my next trip to get you out in the water to see if you like it.

We meet in the morning, my usual surf time, and head to the coast in my Truck and Camper. After a nice ride over and good conversation we arrive at Agate Beach -- my favorite surf spot in Newport Oregon.

Like I usually do, I get changed into my wet suit in my camper, you mention I don't need to change behind closed doors since you have already seen my nude pictures. I am not very shy about this and it is easier anyway in the camper to change in the open than in the bathroom.

After I am fully undressed and ready to get into my suit, you say to come closer for a better look. You like what you see and start to stoke me. I ask you to disrobe a little to make the score a little more even.
You strip into bra and panties. I get super arroused with how hot you look. You then say the words that turn me on the most -- "I like it in the ass". I say, "we'll get to that, let me explore every inch of you body."
I then lay you back on the bed, and start to nibble on your ears and neck while caressing your breasts. I undo your bra and suck your breasts and tounge your nipples while my hands head south. I continue down south with my mouth past your stomach, to your thighs -- my hands striping off the panties as I head down past your waist. I kiss and caress you inner thighs and spread your legs.
I then lick your pussy, paying special attention to your clit -- sucking and licking. When you start to get super aroussed by the oral, I slip one finger into your ass -- you shutter more, so I put in two fingers. When you have opened up to two finges I put in three. You are very arroused and relaxed anally -- so, I have you sit on my lap facing away from me and have you guide your ass onto my cock.
You control the speed and depth of penatration while I storke your pussy with my hand. You take my cock fully into ass and start to pump up an down more and more forcefully and faster. You start to shutter and climax -- which sends me over the edge. We both lie next to each other, spooning, me still inside your ass while we both soak up the rush and pleasure of the orgasum.

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