EROTIC STORY: Noble Blood Chapter 1 - Part 2  

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EROTIC STORY: Noble Blood Chapter 1 - Part 2

It was a dream, or so Dwyn had thought, which left her at least some leverage to react. She remembered all the years when she was younger of be teased by the older children. Now she felt like she was being bullied again. Picking up a large bowl, she scooped up a fair amount of water, stood, and drew close to Emrys before dumping the water on his head.

Emrys in drenched in water, and he sputters, 'Now what just a minute! I was washing already geez.'

“You want to declare war, then I’ll give you war,” she smirked as she reached into the water and grabbed hold of one of his ankles.

Emrys slips under the water briefly as she grabbed one of his ankles. He surfaces, 'Okay, I warned you. I tried to be civil Dwyn. I really did.' Emrys flails one of his arms to splash water at Dwyn.

"You call that uncivil behavior?" Dwyn laughed. "Boy, you've got a lot to learn."

Emrys is getting seriously annoyed now, he shakes off her grasp on his ankle and draws her up to him. He plants a kiss right on her lips.

Dwyn blinked, then blinked again, uncertain as to what had just happened.

Emrys lets her go and backs away, he slinks back down into the water. His blood feels like it is on fire, but he makes no apologizes for himself.. his face is red still.. 'That was uncivil. Kissing a lady without permission.'

“I’m not a lady, I’m a slave. You don’t need permission to kiss me without asking.”

'Slave or no. You are still a woman. And a pretty one at that.'

"Yes," she nodded, "definately a dream. Surely Emrys wouldn't be as thick as that. There are other women in the world, and I'm just dreaming stupidly."\

Emrys is annoyed that she still thinks she is having a dream. He comes over and touches her face, 'I have news for you, if you were dreaming would you really be having an argument with me?'

"I have news for you, I'm always arguing with someone. I wouldn't know until the morning if I was arguing with you."

Emrys realizes he is not getting through to Dwyn, 'Fine. I feel sorry for you then to find only argument in everyone. That is too bad.'

“Right,” Dwyn nodded, pursing her lips. Something had to be done, she had to come out winning this argument, besides, this was still just a dream and it was time for her to take things in hand. Radical actions were needed. Slipping back into the water, she moved to straddle Emrys’ hips, bracing her arms on the edge of the tub as she gave him only the second kiss she could ever recall, putting all of her soul and being into it along with the lust and desire she would never in her waking life would admit to. Her blood boiled and she had to do something about it.

Emrys's heart beats heavily as Dwyn moves around him. He slips his arms around her waist and returns the kiss. If she believes it is a dream.. so be it. He puts the frustration of his life and the lust of her nearness to him into his half of the kiss.

It was almost as wonderful as Dwyn had ever dreamed it to be, the feeling of Emry’s bare flesh next to hers with his kiss upon her lips. Instinct of emotion found her wrapping her arms about his shoulders, pressing herself against him. It was a heady thing, as heady as any wine, doubled, she wondered, by a hot bath.

Her voice was husky as she pulled away just enough to catch her breath. “That, my lord, was an uncivil act, and could be considered an act of rebellion. The best way to rebel is to live in a way that you like, unbeknownst to others, in opposition to their wishes until such time as the need for revelation of such rebellion needs to arise. In short, dear Emrys, the best revenge is to live happily and fully.”

Emrys breathes lustfully.. 'Hard to do that alone, but I like how you think.' The soft feeling of her skin makes him think of doing more than he should right now...

“Perhaps you would like company in your acts of rebellion and incivility,” Dwyn found herself saying, her own heart beating deep and hard within her breast. Somewhere in the back of her mind a voice was screaming that she had completely lost it, while another more immediate one encouraged her on to enjoy herself and take Emrys with her to that joy; innocent as he looked, it seemed he had also enough difficulties with his own family. Thoughts of private adventure, tales from stories, and such played through her mind as well. Secret trysts, private joys as simple as a good conversation.

She licked her lips and smiled, raising an inviting eyebrow. “You still have yet to finish bathing, dear Emrys.” What in the hells was she saying? What was she doing? Naked in a tub with Emrys here she was straddling him and inviting him on, it was completely against her character, against how she always acted. This might have been a dream, but suddenly it seemed all too real, all too strange, and what was worse, she liked it!

“If this is a dream, I think I’m going to be sad when I awake in just a few minutes. If it’s not a dream, then I must apologize, your presence,” she stammered. “Well, let’s just say although this morning was an accident, getting into my tub the same, I am enjoying this bit immensely. And I can’t say I’ve ever bathed with a man before, let alone seen him with everything the gods graced him with. As for you…do as you will,” she smiled, “I don’t think some more rebellion and incivility would be amiss.”

Dwyn reached off to the side of the tub for a large sponge and offered it to Emrys, still a young man of innocence in her eyes. She doubted he could have a mean bone in his body, let alone a cruel thought.

"Would your father be upset if your brother did get into the knighthood?"

Emrys chuckles softly, 'My father would be very angry, give up the family title, lands, and join the knighthood? Father has been grooming Sheevne to become like he is.. a loyal noble to the crown with all intentions to send him to the King's Court.' He accepts the sponge and starts to clean himself off.

Dwyn smiled as she sliped off of Emrys, giving him more room to bathe. "Then let's help him, let's help your brother get into the knighthood. You would get the benefit three-fold, well four-fold, maybe even five." One at a time she ticked things off on her fingers. "Sheevne would have what he dreams, and because of your aid he would feel he owed you. Your father would be furious, but would turn to you as a replacement for your brother. Meaning that you would inherit what your brother already doesn't want. You could also quite possibly take from your brother one girl, giving him one less person to faun over him."

Emrys has a disappointed look as she slips away from him, but he puts on a chaste smile and keeps scrubbing himself, 'I never really thought about it that way. Helping my brother.. would be getting back at both of them. What do you mean by takes one girl away?' He is blushing now, dream.. reality.. the situation is almost too good to be true.

"If Sheevne thinks he can have every girl in the castle fauning over him, he's got one less just about. If you think your father's an ass, your brother is coming in a close second. He treated you, his younger brother, someone he should be watching over, like a pack mule and now you're just shy of coming down sick. I wonder how he would react if he even noticed that there was one little morsel he could not have." Dwyn grinned with simmering mischeif as she began to caress Emrys calf under the water. "He does not even need to know that it's you, all he needs to be aware of is that there's one woman whose eye is not turning his way, and that she is unimpressed with him."

Emrys starts to grow uncomfortable rigid at her touch but he manages to say, 'Well.. knowing my brother like I do.. he would notice and be seriously annoyed.. He does brag to the other men that he could have any woman in the household.. including your lady you said you serve..'

"Indeed," Dwynn purred, raising an eyebrow as her hand caressed about Emrys' knee and lower thigh. "Well, I'll just have to smash that little dream of his and set him aright. Lady Kelari is the lord's daughter, and as such it is for her father to decide whom she marries. Sheevne can have his knighthood, but he'll not be treating Kelari like some prized peice of meat. As for myself, I'm certain I can put your brother off, all I have to do is argue with him." She smirked and chuckled at this.

Emrys is looking a bit flush at Dwyn's boldness, 'Arguing.. yes that would put my brother off alright.' With Dwyn so close and her drawing in, he smiles and realizes this is what should happen.. and looking forward to it. He thinks about his father's plans for him.. marry him off perhaps to cement an alliance or something.

"And what about you, Emrys, what do you want?" She looked at him calmly, and stopped caressing his leg so. It was beginning to become evident to her that perhaps she was going too far, what with him looking so red and rather uncomfortable. Perhaps she had pushed too far, and if indeed this was not a dream, which she suspected now that it wasn't, she definitely had pushed too far. Emrys was a paragon of innocence, and far be it for her to sully it with her own ideas.

Emrys blush fades somewhat, 'I want to get back at my brother and my father. I like you Dwyn, I really do. I was disappointed earilier when I was trying to flirt with you.. I almost stayed to watch you change out of your wet shirt. You don't need to stop, I am just a little nervous is all. I told you the truth.. I.. I have never been with a woman like this before. My heart is racing.' He looks Dwyn in the eyes with a need that transcends his innocence, the need of a man to be accepted.. not just lust.. but something deeper. He says barely above a whisper, 'I want this to happen. Please. Don't stop.'

With the warmth of the water about her, she moved to Emrys' side, wrapping her arms about his midsection as she kissed his shoulder. "I think we are both horrible flirts because it is not in our nature for such things. Indeed, your heart is racing," she murmured as her hand caressed his chest and stopped to rest above his heart. "Don't be ashamed. I've never been with a man like this either, and outside of this bath, I don't think I would even consider doing this. In the morning I will probably be embarrassed, thinking that I was far too bold and out of my head, and worry that I've taken advantage of your kindness, of your sweetness. A right and proper woman would have shrieked and gone scurrying out of the bath long ago, but which would you prefer to have spoken with, a right and proper woman, or myself as this, a woman, though a slave, willing to please you and help you not because rank dictates, but because she wants to and more than just in this way." Her hand caressed over his belly to prove the point.

Emrys smiles at the words 'horrible flirts'. 'Your right, I think I would have preferred to talk to you. Despite our current predicament, you are talking to me straight without anything harsh to say. And kindly words as well. Not many do because of the virtues you have just spoke of.’

"Hmm, their loss," she clicked her tongue. "I can see though how others might look at you with resentment and even fear. Here you are, a young man with the blue-eyed innocence that most people long ago lost. There is anger, that you are as you are, and they feel themselves unworthy and corrupt, there is also resentment."

She ran a thoughtful hand down over Emrys' hip, and caressed his thigh. "It's rather sad and funny that the only way we could come together to just talk would be here, like this, as a happy accident seeing each other in all that the gods gave us. I could easily imagine playful lovers doing this, your brother maybe claiming another woman, but us? Look through everyone else's eyes, and I doubt they could imagine this with the two of us involved. It is the antithesis to how they see us."

A delightfully playful streak ran through Dwyn as she grabbed the soap from Emrys. She had been enjoying touching him immensely, feeling him beneath her fingers, her hands, realizing he was flesh and blood, and not a dream. He had not put her off, either, had not rejected her as she feared, but instead blushed and continued talking with her. It made him human, and above human, a perfect man of kindness, generosity, and a willingness to just talk. It made her adore him even more.

"We need to wash, dear Emrys," she purred as she sat up. "Or at least you do, and you need to be fed. I can hear your stomach growling." On a dare to herself, she took one of his hands and soaped it up, placing it upon on her breast as she continued to wash the rest of his arm up to the shoulder.

Emrys has that look of innocent revelation, Dwyn's breast is soft under his fingers, and he experimentally rubs her nipple with his fingers gently. 'Who would have thought we would end up here like this? Not I surely, I would still be out in the rain if I thought I would have a chance being here like this.'

“But you didn’t need to be,” she sighed as her flesh rose to Emrys’ ministration, the nipple hardening under his touch. “That feels good,” she blushed. As she started to wash his chest, reality was settling in a little more, he felt so solid to her touch and warm. “If you had come down sick, you wouldn’t have felt well enough to come down here.”

Emrys chuckles softly, 'I am feeling a little fatigued.. we.. I mean I could always go to bed.'

Dwyn moved to straddle Emry’s legs, washing the rest of his chest. “I’m concerned about you, your stomach is growling. Perhaps I should hurry and let you get something to eat and to bed.

She touched his cheek, feeling the evening stubble prickling ever so slightly at her palm. “I want you to enjoy, but not feel obligated. I want you to remain pure and unsullied in everyone else’s eyes. It would make it that much more difficult for your father and brother to figure out what’s going on. I also don’t want gossip-mongers to drag you through the proverbial mud. You don’t need that kind of headache,” she smirked, “unless you just want to change your image radically.”

Something tingled across her mind. Kelari was being raised to be the next head of the house, not just a woman, but a ruler. Her head had always been squarely on her shoulders, but there was always a concern of when and whom she should marry. Unless Dwyn was freed, a new set of staff arriving with the husband might put her elsewhere.

“You could always buy me,” she chuckled, “make me your personal slave.” It was just a joke really, but a half-hearted one at that.

Emrys tries the words on his tongue, 'Personal slave.. no, I don't think I could do that to you. Unsullied? I don't know.. but I suppose you are right. For now I will enjoy the moment.' He continues to play with her nipple, and smiles.

Dwyn could not deny that she wanted to enjoy the moment, and more moments besides that as she took Emrys other hand and placed it to her other breast, and tended to washing his other arm with half a mind. The effect of his touch was bewitching upon her, arousing her in a way that reached deep into her gut and left a tingle that made her heart beat faster, her body asking for more. This was forbidden fruit, but how could she keep from eating it when it tasted so good.

Hard as it was to concentrate on his other arm, Dwyn finished soaping it up. “Would you like to stand so I can wash your legs?” she asked. “Or do you have any other suggestions, dear Emrys?”

Emrys just shrugs, 'Well, I guess I could just prop my legs up kinda. I had not given it much thought yet'

"Do as you will," said Dwyn, a simple reply, yet in her mind she wondered if perhaps she was the more imaginative of the pair. Emrys had lived a privilaged life, given what he needed, and sometimes what he wanted. Dwyn, on the otherhand, had learned to improvise a lot.

Emrys leans his head back against the side of the tub and tries to shyly bring his legs up. Instead, he manages to slip into the water and his head goes under. His legs come up all right and he goes down. Dwyn is splashed with a bunch of water, and Emrys comes up sputtering with soap in his eyes.

Newly and only partially doused, Dwyn raised an eyebrow and smirked at Emrys. "What were you doing?"

Emrys is blushing, 'I slipped.. I was trying to get my legs up without.. you know. Overexposing myself..'

Dwyn smiled, chuckling as she glanced away. "Dear Emrys, you will always be the innocent, it's in your nature."

Emrys shrugs, 'I guess I should stand up eh? All things considered?'

"Only if you want to. If you'd like, I can look away as you wash. Or I could take my leave of you and give you some peace."

Emrys chuckles softly, 'I have already seen everything you have, it is only fair to return the favor. No going back now.' Emrys stands up and grips the side of the tub. He is still bashful, but he looks so cute being self-conscious.

Covering her mouth to hold back a giggle, Dwyn deliberately looked aside to keep something of his modesty intact, but also to refrain from any untowards reaction. It was bad enough that she had become aroused, and had acted upon it to some degree, but she worried about loosing her own self-control.

Emrys chuckles softly, 'I don't think it will bite, but thank you.. you have been so kind to me...'

"I'm not worried about you biting, I'm worried about me. A lot of things have been stirred up in this tub, and not just the conversation and the soap." Still she looked away, wanting to grant a nobleman's son, and someone she liked a sliver of self-respect.

Emrys nods, 'Okay, that is enough scrubbing. Anymore and I will just squeak my way across the floor.' He sits back down in the tub now.

"I missed a spot," she pointed in the region of his crotch. "You want to take care of it yourself, or would you like me to?"

Emrys gets a coy smile on his face.. time for a bit of daring on his part, he stands up again, 'I want you to scrub it please.'

Dwyn's jaw dropped, but training as a servant had her soaping up her hands even as she had to get onto her knees to comfortably reach. There was no doubt in her mind that Emrys was a man now, endowed with what the gods had given him. With gentle fingers, she began to soap up the hairs that surrounded his manhood, caressing over the "family jewels" as well, fascinated by the flesh before her. It looked so firm, so warm, so enticing, and it wasn't a moment more before she brought her lips to the tip of his member. Just a kiss, she thought, only to open her mouth a little and gently lick it. Just a taste. But just one taste turned into one taste more as she found she liked the feel of firmness and the taste of a kind of sweet-saltiness on her tongue.

Emrys moans softly and mutters, 'Oooo... that spot must be really hard to reach.' Dwyn taking him into her mouth draws his blood like lines of fire. He can feel his heartbeat.. and the softness of Dwyn's curiosity.

A fever began to wash over her as she heard Emrys' pleasure, and she found she could not resist slowly devouring more of him, letting her tongue run over the flesh within her mouth as she took in more of him, wanting to taste every single bit of him. Bit by bit, she began to bob her head a little, letting him slip in and out of her mouth, it was what she had heard from the other women as to what was done, and had even seen a lewd illustration in one of the women's books.

Emrys's hand grips the side of the tub with his knuckles beginning to whiten, no more silly words... he is plainly enjoying it now.. his moans start to become just a bit louder.

Driven on by the sound of his pleasure, Dwyn quickened her pace a little, tasting yet a little more of that salty-sweetness. This was how she had imagined him in the night, when she had caressed herself to sleep, wanting to feel his touch. Now here he was, and this was not a dream, as she suckled with desire on his manhood, wanting to pleasure him all the more, to hear him moan, and to taste that which the other women had talked of when the men were not around.

Emrys feels himself grow extremely rigid from Dwyn's ministrations, 'I think I am going to.. oh..' He gasps in the waves of pleasure that are running up and down his spine.

She would not stop, though, wanting to hear more of his voice, more of the sounds that told her that she was pleasing him in a way she could never imagine doing in the waking world to any man. Yet here she was, worshipping Emrys, tasting his hard flesh, not taking his innocence from him, but rejoicing in it. Her hands caressed his pelvis, and the base of his manhood as her wet lips passed over his manhood, her tongue playing all along, flicking at the tip when she pulled back. She wanted to hear him cry out as she had heard men cry out in the early morning hours as she passed the doors to their rooms, knowing that within they were with their lovers. Back then it had annoyed her, now she understood what it was all about. She would not quit, bobbing her head up and down, moving his sweet smoothness over her devouring lips and over her hungering tongue. Not until she either heard Emrys beg her to stop, or until she tasted his seed, when she would know he had enjoyed their meeting as best he could. And to think, she had never thought this would happen, ever, even when she thought it a dream. And now this, she was in the through of a passion that if he had asked her to his bed, she would go willingly, if he asked her to do this again, she would.

Emrys's mind is complete numb with pleasure. Gone are the thoughts of his brother.. or even what his father might think. Lovely Dwyn.. flirty Dwyn.. even now she is becoming more demanding in pleasuring him. Soon all is lost as he looses all control.. Her working his manhood is too much.. Emrys is lost as he hits a very hard first orgasm that threatens to send him right back into the tub. He cling to the side of the tub for dear life. The moan that spills from his lips is deep and meaning full. Surely more than enough to send shivers down her spine.

Waves of warm contentment washed over Dwyn as she began to slow her efforts, having swallowed her reward like a rare and strong spirit. Through his body and his voice, she knew he had been pleasured, and she felt her heart tie even more of itself to him, just as her body had reacted in want to his cry.

Emrys can feel Dwyn slow and his peak gradually fades like a sprint down hill that has nearly reached the bottom. With a husky lust-filled voice tinged with innocence, 'Sure you won't come to my room, my sweet Dwyn?'

She smiled gently up at him, offering a hand to help him settle into the bath again. “I will stop by the kitchens and bring you your supper. You’ve had a very long day, and have already had your bout of sneezing. I don’t want you coming down even more ill.”

Emrys smiles back at Dwyn, feeling rather flush now.. 'I would greatly appreciate that.' The moment is overwhelmingly intimate, until.. His stomach goes grrr.. He chuckles softly, 'I guess your right. Feeling like I could gnaw off my own hand at this point.'

"We should probably leave at different times and different routes so as not to arouse suspicion. I will collect myself, and speak with the cleaning staff just to chat and talk about what needs to be done tomorrow. It'll keep them from trying to catch you to talk, or wonder. Hmm?"

Emrys sighs, 'Yes.. I suppose we should follow that route. But you will hurry to bring up that supper right? Pretty please?'

"Yes, dear Emrys," she chuckled. "As you wish it, so shall it be done." Rising from the water, she stepped from the tub and began to dry herself off while plans worked through her half-addled mind. She would dress as she always had, as one who was working late into the night. Gathering the food, she would somehow get someone to divulge that Emrys had not yet eaten, and take it up to his door while having some late supper for herself.

Emrys gets out as well, and begins to dry off. He cannot take his eyes off Dwyn though.. She has provoked his lust, and now it burns like a flame that has just barely begun to blaze. His clothing on, he manages a coy but innocent smile, 'I guess I will see you in a few minutes then.'

"How could I refuse?" she whispered, placing a kiss upon his cheek before turning to go.

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I think it was a very nice and erotic story. I I like being in a shower or a hot tube in public and see how for we can go. Now in your bath you could take my man hood and suck the sweetness out of me any time. So yes your story was good. I hope to read more of your storys some place like St Louis bread company. or your place. Bob AKA Bob8259

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I liked your story, but thought it was a little hard to follow at times. Keep up the writing. As you said it was a first draft.

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