EROTIC STORY: Noble Blood Chapter 1 - Pages 1 to 4  

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EROTIC STORY: Noble Blood Chapter 1 - Pages 1 to 4

Note: This is a rough draft and probably starts off a bit slow. I was considering putting the whole of chapter one up, but I was concerned due to it's size. So, let's see how this works.

Chapter 1

It was not a crash of thunder that had awoken Dwynwen from her deep sleep, cocooned as she was within the wrappings of the heavy curtains that encircled her canopied bed. No one had called her name, pounding on the door in the dead of night to wake her from her slumber, pretending to call her to serve her Lady Kelari, but really needing her to take up some menial task another servant had put aside, or gotten to drunk to perform. Even Kelari’s bell was silent, hung from a rope that went to the room directly above hers. Dwyn always knew when Kelari would be awake, even knew better than Kelari herself, for she was a woman of patterns and rhythms, and Dwyn had been in the service of Kelari and at Kelari’s side since they were tiny children.

Outside the storm that had blown in during the night was rumbling as it wished, promising for a cloudy, wet day which would doubtlessly keep the entire staff entirely indoors, or at least struggling to keep clean the mess that those who traversed without had brought in with them. Slave though she was by law, Dwyn had mostly avoided most of the menial work such as cleaning floors by looking to Kelari’s needs and keeping her company. Today would be a day up in the solarium at the top of the tower where the natural light was best, though they would have all the shudders open to allow for such on this rainy of days. Instead of sewing outside by the light of the sun, the ladies of the castle: Kelari, her mother, her grand-dam, and a few of her sisters as well as her aunt, would weave or spin or read aloud to the others as they worked.

A raspy tongue across Dwyn’s cheek reminded her again of what had awoken her, and most likely why, as if the loud purring at batting at her hair had not done its job. The young cat Thunderpaw still made himself and his will known.

“Yes, yes, I’m hungry too,” she mumbled, as she got out of bed, pushing open the hanging curtains to the coolness of the rest of her room; it was still late autumn and she had refrained from keeping a fire going through the night. She dressed quickly and simply, pulling on her skirts over her linen chemise, and tying up her bodice. Today would not be a day for fancy dress, it would be for work, and though she put on her simple over-dress, she did not fasten it up all the way, choosing instead to leave some room for her to breathe this morning while the nobles slept, none would see the fair flesh of her bosom. Besides, she knew that only a few of the kitchen staff were up at this hour, preparing small morning meals for the staff to eat before hurrying off to their respective duties. Their larger meal would be taken later in the day dependant upon their duties and rank within the house. For her, being that she was handmaiden to Lady Kelari, second daughter and fifth child to the House of Breock, Dwyn’s day started before everyone’s except for the kitchen staff.

In padded slippers, and with her coppery, long hair put up in a simple bun, Dwyn strode from her room, Thunderpaw close beside her, making their way to the kitchens.

Emrys had had rotten luck lately. First his older brother just *had* to make fun of him by throwing him to the wind when they were out horse riding yesterday, but now he had to fulfill his end of their bet. Servant for a day, Emrys was fuming mad this morning. Racing around the village had been a stupid idea, but here he was.. Fetching his older brother's breakfast... Emrys stood near the doorway of the kitchen uncertain, but he squared his shoulders and entered.

Nisa, one of the cooks looked up at Emrys, 'Yes Master Emrys? What can I do for you this morning? You did not have to come all the way down to the kitchens. The food will be nice and hot, I promise you.'

Emrys sighed, 'Nisa.. I lost a bet to my brother yesterday.. So I am bringing him breakfast. Umm, where are the trays at?'

Nisa just shook her head, 'Fine fine. The trays are over there.' She points to a table across the kitchen near the far door.

Emrys just looked annoyed and walked over to the tray contemplating why he let his brother goad him so. So much competition.. and his brother won every time.

“Good morning, Nisa, am I too early?” Dwyn asked as she stifled a yawn while walking into the kitchens. Every morning it had been the same greeting, the same question, was she too early. For being one of the first risers in the house, and wise enough not to irritate the cooks, she had always asked the same question every morning. If it was no, then all was well, if it was yes, then she would simply stand aside and quietly wait.

“No, no,” Nisa smiled a little as she bustled through the kitchen. “Someone actually is up before you were. The bread is over in the warmer and I found some strawberry jam left over from the summer. You know where the sweet butter is and the apples. Be a dear as always and take them over to the servant’s table. You know how I dislike extra traffic in my kitchen, and you might want to show the new lad over there what to do. He’s looking a little lost.” Motioning with a large spoon, she pointed over to a figure looking over the serving trays, his back to the pair of them.

“Who’s your master, lad?” Dwyn called out to him, noting how nicely dressed he was for a new servant in the castle. Doubtlessly he was to serve one of the nobles to have such cloths, and they looked a bit familiar, too.

Emrys picked up a tray and heard someone address him, he turned around and was greeted with a vision of the pretty young lady.. probably the servant girl who liked to make shy glances at him in the halls. 'My Master.. that's a good one. More like my brother Sheeve is making me serve him his breakfast this morning... he forced me into a bet that he could race his horse around the village faster than my horse. After this... I gotta polish his boots.' He smiled easily because Dwyn was very easy on the eyes. He took her in with a bright smile. And then spoiled the perfect moment by yawning slightly.. way to early in his mindset.

Dwyn had learned composure over the years, had learned to hide her thoughts, her feelings, even douse them as the need arose, or at least muffle them. Emrys had been one of the few men in the house to catch her eye, along with his older brother. Both had the dark hair and gentle appearance that none of the soldiery nor the other nobles had, they even carried with them an odd appearance of innocence, placing them at a distance from others, untouchable in her mind. Then again, all men were relatively untouchable in Dwyn’s mind, for a variety of reasons, most notably their brashness, callousness, and the fact that she was going to make absolutely sure she would not be used to get to the woman she was not only a servant of, but confidant, and even friend.

“If you are to serve him, then you need to eat first,” she said as she picked up a basket of rolls and a pot of butter and made her way to the servant’s table. “You’re no good in service if you’re starving.”

Emrys shrugged with a sleepy smile and his stomach rumbled softly, 'I guess your right. I had not thought of it that way. Umm, do we need anything else for the table over there?' It is so glaringly obvious that he did not know his way around the kitchen that was rather cute. Dwyn's face was just a touch flushed, but she seemed all business this morning. Embarassing enough that he had been to be a servant today, but looking bad in front of a girl. Geez.

Emrys thought to himself, breathe and relax. You will get through this. 'Nisa, do you have anything else, umm, I and.. the girl over there can have for breakfast?' He felt like sticking his foot in his mouth for not remembering her name.

“Dwyn, you may want to take care of him. Keep him out of trouble and all of that, considering he’s just a passing guest,” Nisa smirked, as she started chopping vegetables. Dwyn had the feeling that she was trying not to laugh aloud if only to keep from embarrassing Emrys even further.

“So, what would you like to eat, Lord Emrys?” Dwyn remained wholly serious, knowing it would probably be better for him that way. “Normally we in service break fast on bread, jam, apples, and the occasional boiled egg. Our larger meal comes much later in the day just between luncheon and dinner.”

“Careful, Dwyn, you might spoil him. Remember, he’s only here for the morning, no need to be running him about too easily.”

Dwyn sighed, it had always been second nature to her to either serve, or teach any new arrivals the lay of the house before passing them onto those that would supervise them in their work. At least Nisa had been kind enough not to mention nor elude to the fact that Dwyn was a slave, and as such a servant to all by law.

“What is it that you wish, my lord?” Dwyn asked Emrys, ignoring Nisa’s teasing.

Emrys listens to the women banter back and forth, he wishes he had it so easy. The servants always seem to have a better time of things making the day go by. Most assuredly, they had nice long tasks to keep their days busy.

He smiles, 'Umm, bread, jam, and an apple would do me just fine. And please don't call me lord today. I beg you. If my brother overhears that, I will probably be scrubbing the halls outside his room with a very small brush and a drinking glass for the soapy water.'

He realizes he is quite out of place here and sits down at the servant table, quite unsure of himself. Ordinarily, he would still be in bed. Up at dawn to be sure, but this is still way early for him.

“Then what do you want her to call you, boy?” Nisa laughed as Dwyn hurried past her, gathering the last of the food for the servant’s table. “Ahh, you forgot the honey for him, he’ll need it to sweeten up his day,” she said as she found the honey pot and carried it after Dwyn to place it on the table and then returned to her duties.

“Don’t mind Nisa,” Dwyn said quietly, low enough that only Emrys could here. “You’re fortunate she’s having such light sport in you. You’ll make it through the morning, though, or do you need to be in service the whole day?”

Emrys regards Dwyn with the same tone of voice, 'All bloody day, you can call me Emrys.' Then his face looks a little flush, and he looks down, 'And I did not get a chance to ask you for your name. I have seen you around, but never got the chance to find it out.

Dwyn smiled a little, thankful that perhaps yet another soul did not see her passing through this life. Emrys did not even need to know she existed. “I am Dwyn, personal maid to Lady Kelari. Considering that you are not in the company of the ladies of the house, it makes no surprise, nor difference that you did not know my name. I know of all the lords and ladies in the house because I am supposed to know, but a lord need not know the names of all the household staff. Lighten your heart a little, you are not alone, and you have wronged none of us; we will be here to support you as needed.

“By the by, if your brother asks you to scrub the hall outside his room, that’s when you go looking for a member of the cleaning staff, it’s what they do. You, on the other hand, will serve as your brother’s personal aide. You get his food, his drink, and whatnot during the day, you even help him dress. Meals are taken care of by the household staff, mainly the butler, so you get a chance to relax then.”

Dwyn remained as at ease as she possibly could considering the close proximity of Emrys, taking on the guise that she was his tutor in service, and aiding him, while she attempted to shove all her other reactions to him towards the back of her mind. Fantasy and reality were two separate things, and though his brilliant blue eyes, and his youthful handsomeness had caught her eye and her imaginings in the dark of night, she could not cross the void. The likelihood of sharing even a touch, let alone a simple embrace was slim to none, she knew, the line between them, between noble and slave, for her could not be crossed, not unless he crossed them first, and as that he did not even know her name, she doubted that would ever happen.

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