To Play or Not to Play  

WranglerRage 43M
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7/16/2006 9:43 am
To Play or Not to Play

To Play or not to Play that is the question. What is it these days that people consider a player? Is it someone who plays games with someones emotions? Is it someone who says one thing to someone and does the total opposite to another? If these are the cases then in my opinion WE ARE ALL PLAYERS. It doesnt matter if a guy says that he is shy in public around women and then online flirts like hes Ace Bigelow or Cyrano De Bergerac or some casanova. He is a player but that doesnt change who the person really is outside of this cyberworld. We are all players in one fashion or another, we play upon the sympathies of others and we play upon their weaknesses, desires, wants and needs. I was recently referred to as a player, which hurt my feelings to be called that. Then I realized that YES I am a player and so is everyone else in this world, we just do it in different ways not just playing with the heart. Many people play with others emotions, anyone that puts someone thru a guilt trip is playing them to make them feel bad, or to weaken them to the point of giving in to their intended purpose. So the next time that I get called a player I will come right back and say YOU DAMN RIGHT I AM and if you just stop and look at yourself and how you do things and what you do to others you will see that YOURE A PLAYER TOO. If you disagree with what I say then thats your right, send me your opinion on this.

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