Summer retreat  

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1/19/2006 1:22 pm

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Summer retreat

On one of the hottest and most humid days of the year so far Kelly decided to take some time off and travel to her cabin at the lake. She wanted to use this time to work on her songwriting as well as to get away from her family along with the other stresses that have been weighing upon her. She left a note to let her family know she was out of town for a few days and she had her cell phone with her but it would be turned off, only using it for emergencies or to let them know when she was on her way home.

Kelly packed a bag with a few clothes for the cool nights and her favorite swimsuits for those hot sunny days; also packing some song writing sheets, her guitar and her favorite toy for when she needed to relieve some stress and writers bloque. Kellys cabin was small but just right for her needs. Her cabing is tucked away deep in the woods on the shore of a crystal blue lake, where she would spend time keeping cool on those hot, humid days. She keeps it well stocked with food and her favorite wine. After her long drive she poured herself a glass to relax and made her way down to the lakeshore after changing into one of her bikinis she had packed. Realizing that noone was around for miles Kelly slipped off her bikini from her tanned petite frame, proceeding to move deeper into the crystal blue water that was warm at the edges from the hot afternoon sun but as she waded further into the lake the temperature cooled, causing Kelly to shriek slightly as her body shivered and her nipples hardend. The cold crystal blue water caressed around her hips and the smoothness of her sex, tingles shooting thru her body from the sensitivity of her clit. Kelly made her way back to shore and grabbed an innertube that she has used in the past to tan while floating on the lake. She tied a rope to a rock on the shore and the other end she secured to the tube to prevent her from drifting too far from camp. Kelly returned to the water, climbing onto the tube laying on it soaking up the sun, feeling the gentle waves splash against her firm ass and her sex. The constant brushing from the warm water was having its effect once again on Kelly, her body tingling inside, her nipples once again becoming stiff and erect from the sensations of the water and the sun caressing her body. Unable to resist the feelings she was having, Kelly pinched her nipples lightly with her thumbs and forefingers, with each twinge that she gave herself a soft moan would escape her lips; closing her eyes tipping her head back against the tube with her long red hair cascading over the edge into the water. As Kelly increased the torture of her nipples it would send surges of pleasure thruought her body all the way down to her moist sex; which was not only moist from the water but from Kellys sweet cream that began to trickle down her sex. The sensations she was feeling were becoming too strong and Kelly slid a hand down over her stomach stopping briefly to tease her navel ring then moving quickly down over her waist, her fingernails dragging over her smooth mound brushing against her clit teasing it, rolling it gently in her fingertips. Kelly arched her back and spread her legs to glide her fingers along the outer edges of her swollen lips teasing herself even more. Kelly would bring her fingers up to her lips after she touched her glistening sex, tasting her juices, as she opened her eyes Kelly realized she was no longer near her camp; the rope had come loose from the rock on the shore the current carrying her away. Kelly couldnt move back up shore agains the strong current, her only option was to slip thru the hole of the tube and swim to the nearest campsite......... end of part 1

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