Summer Retreat Part 2  

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1/24/2006 2:47 pm

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Summer Retreat Part 2

Kelly made her way to shore after drifting with the current away from her campsite, she realized that she also had lost her bikini that she reomoved to soak up the sun as she was relaxing and floating on an innertube. As she walked about the campsite quietly, inside she was wondering how she would explain her situation if she came upon the person or persons who were camping here. Seeing noone, Kelly quietly uttered a "Hello", hoping that she would not get a response. Again Kelly called out in a more normal tone "Hello"; hearing no response again she walked closer to the camp seeing that whomever was staying here had left, perhaps on a hike. Just as Kelly was feeling certain that noone was around she heard a the crunch of twigs and leaves as well as tune being whistled. Kelly quickly crawled inside the tent, covering up with a sleeping bag in hopes that she wouldnt be seen naked, her heart racing yet somehow her body was tingling with excitement and the thrill of being caught. Still thru all of this Kelly remained quiet and carefully listening to the voice outside determining that it was a man. As Kelly looked around the inside of the tent she realize she was trapped, forgetting that he was directly outside of the tent she let out a low shriek. Unable to stifle the sound coming from her lips the man outside the tent stopped whistling and made his way to the tent opening the flap slowly and peering in to see if there might be an animal inside. Seeing no signs of an animal he crawled inside and noticed something moving under his sleeping bag. Quietly looking around he took off one of his hiking boots to frighten whatever might be hiding. The man grabbed at the corner of the sleeping bag, quickly pulling it open and screaming ready to strike with the boot to stun the intruder. To his surprise it was he himself that was stunned to see in his bed a beautiful naked woman with wet red hair. As both began to calm down Kelly quickly pulled the cover back over her naked body as she caught the man staring at her. Kelly mustering up her dignity and voice said to him, "Dont you know its not polite to stare?" the only response that came was, "What?" Kelly again stated, "Dont you know its not polite to stare?" The man regaining his senses quickly fired back, "Pardon me, but dont you know its not polite to scare a man half to death?" "Excuse me!!!! Kelly exclaims, "Im not the one screaming and holding a shoe, ready to clobber someone."

The man relaxes and putting his shoe back on states, "Well Im not the one hiding in a sleeping bag naked, now am I?", hearing this Kellys face turns red from embarrassment. As the tension begins to subside, Kelly explains how she drifted off from her camp as she took a swim and decided to lay out and work on her tan on the tube. She continues to explain how she fell asleep and woke up to realize that her teather had come untied and she was no longer near her camp, unsure how far away she really was. The man hearing all of this chuckled a bit and looked around to find something for his visitor to wear. He found a t shirt and a pair of shorts, offering them to her. As she reaches for the clothes she asks for a bit of privacy to which the man replies, "Well its not like I havent seen you naked already." again his comments cause Kelly to blush. The man exited the tent, standing outside he continues to talk to the beautiful redhead inside, introducing himself as Dusty. He asked for her name, as she came out of the tent and looked around camp he again asked for her name. "Kelly" was her reply. "Nice to meet you Kelly, I am Dusty.", as he held out his hand Kelly looked down and shyly placed hers into his greeting. "I have a map here, maybe you can show me where your camp is located and I can drive you back." As Kelly looked closely at the map her eyes widened in astonishment, seeing that she had drifted for almost five full miles from her cabin. Dusty asked her, "Is there anyone else with you or expecting you back at camp?" Kelly replied, "No, I am up here alone for some much needed r and r."

Dusty asked Kelly, "Would you mind if I drove you back to your camp in the morning? It is late and I am not too familiar with the roads at night." Kelly quickly replied, "I can drive, if you let me cook you dinner to repay you for your kindness." Dusty accepts the offer saying, "Sounds like a wonderful idea, as I am hungry. A home cooked meal would sure be nice, just let me gather my things and we can leave." Kelly offers to help Dusty clean up camp and clear the site, loading up Dustys Jeep..........end of part 2

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