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6/11/2006 12:25 pm

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Good morning

Writing may well be my greatest joy. Or, perhaps, to get to the essence of it, communicating is my greatest joy, and writing a favorite venue.

I've been on this site just a few days, receiving quite a lot of emails, and you ask why I am here, why someone like me, with my profile, what I wrote, would be on a site like this. Good question. Answer: Because of you. I am looking for you, and I will look anywhere.

We are all highly sexual beings, bottom line, and I doubt very sincerely if there are very many people who don't want claw-ripping-sheets sex. I submit we are also beings who thrive on loving and being loved, deeply, truly, authentically, and for whatever reason you are here, or I am here, ultimately we have to get around to the fact of that desire for rich, nourishing mutually-exchanged love.

And your emails to me have shown this to be true. This is indeed what you want. Perhaps not right now, but soon, you say; or finally, you say, you have found me, or think you might have. So we have begun to find each other, and I will not give up hope you are here.

Do I judge you for being here? Certainly not. My view of growth in this life doesn't preclude anything, and why should it? Our lessons are our lessons, and for me, all lessons lead to the lesson of love. Exploring the inner recesses of sexual physicality is a phenomenal lesson for getting to a state of compassion, understanding, and knowing who we are. To explore this with care, how we affect each other at all levels -- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual -- is as much a path to truth as any other. Why shouldn't it be?

As someone who has three generations of dance in the marrow of my bones, the body is no stranger to me, and I learned early on that the body does not lie. Through it, and in it, is all that we are, held in embodied flesh -- the way we think, what we value, how we face the world and each other.

And as for you, I am sure you are discovering many truths in this venue, and perhaps you are ready for me now. Tell me what you have learned.

Much love to you,

rm_trimleyman 63M

6/11/2006 3:36 pm

Nancy ,dearest,
With each writing you continue to astound me with your insights. Profound yet simple and cutting directly to the substance of what we are or profess to be. Your words are unchallengable (unlike my spelling)and display the great dept of pure character within you. My admiration for you grows with each verse you write.
Martin, trimleyman

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