Thugs & Their Drugs~  

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1/5/2006 6:49 am

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Thugs & Their Drugs~


I have to do a little research first. Oh Hell! As if I haven't done enough! I know more about "Thugs & their drugs than I ever wanted to.

I have always considered myself "hip", & frankly my purity score gives one the impression I have already done enough research to make me the "Expert" on Sex, drugs, & rock-n-roll, my personality type reflects.

It's true, I have never backed down from an adventure however I had the good sense & natural instinct to aviod certain drugs like you would the plague.

Acid, Heroin, those were being passed around like candy when I was a teenager. I did try mushroom once & sniffing glue. I am ashamed to say.
Mushrooms? Let me just say, "I'm sorry, I failed to get that." While my step brother and friends where rolling around on the floor like idiots, all I got out of it was bad breath and a bitter taste in my mouth. Nothing a toothbrush & a little listerine couldn't handle.
As for the glue sniffing God! Talk about gross! If you can manage to sneak up on the rim, prepare yourself for the best mind-blowing migraine you could ever imagine!
Now the drugs my doctor gave me some 10yrs later to cure my migrains. Thats a different story!
Vicodin, 10 500mg tablets a day! No Lie! My doctor prescribed them 200 tabs a bottle every 2 wks.
I would have to make mad dashes to the pharmacy, (if I was lucky), on my lunch break. Most of the time I was not so lucky and would have to suffer the long hard afternoon, then fight traffic across town to the Indio pharmacy my doctor "suggested" I use. One of those local places, unlike sav-on open all night.
Lo and behold when that rubberband snapped on my way to work @ my very responsible bank job, one morning, the car in front of me wasn't going just as fast as I thought it should, I managed to restrain myself from running them down & becoming the topic of the evening news. I forwent work & drove straight to my "other" doctor.
The magik prosac pill she prescribed really did the trick!
I have never had another migrain since or taken another vicodin~ I swear it's true!
Alchol, well I feel for those poor souls that struggle with that~ When I drink, I do it alone, I do it at home and I guess my, "Don't wast my time, it all tastes like shit, I'll take mine straight-Vodka" attitude I'll contribute to my one freak me out black-out, coupled with being totally grossed out by a couple of alcholic relatives & that was enough of that!
Speaking of freak me out black-outs, that brings me to the main topic of this discussion,
"Thugs & Their drugs". ~^~
I think we will all agree, I have already done my fair share of "research".
But nothing I have ever done, drugs I did do, drugs I didn't do, prepared me for the shit ~^~ I tripped over this time!


Here's a fun little challenge. ...\8 Which one is me? happyf;

ND Wolf ?*

o-o to be continued....

Wolfind2plz 50

1/13/2006 8:53 am

@ the same time?

mudman622 57M
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1/20/2006 1:45 pm

I think you can be either...i find that you are mysterious and alluring and happen to be a sexy,smart,beautiful woman.Your post are phenominal.And i try to read through them to detect the cryptic answer to them.And havingdone a few of those drugs along the way i share and appreciate your honesty in describing your own past happenings......."when i was a boy i watched the wolves"....Paul Kantner..

Wolfind2plz 50

1/26/2006 10:31 pm

I watched the wolves?

rm_jose76969 35M

2/16/2006 11:29 pm

wolfind2plz if thats you on the pic with a red top you are sexy; and if thats your sexy kitty, then i want to put my tongue all over it, because it looks so delicious...

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