Private Chat? :O  

Wolfind2plz 50
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12/1/2005 10:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Private Chat? :O

They Should Call it, ~U Chat In Private!
And that makes twice now that I have wasted 1000pnts on a private chat room for a month. I have never had more than one dweeb at a time "cum" to my private chat room!

What's up with that? Did I mention? Oh yeah I'm sure you caught that one~ But seriously, it kinda torks me. Do you know how hard it is to try and talk to everyone that is sending you im's?

Especially if you don't have high speed! So I thought a private chat room would solve the problem.

Problem? Besides the feeling of complete "dweebness" I have about myself now. Please can the almighty Computer Guru & AdultFriendFinder Master Achiever enlighten me...

The biggest delima was believe it or not...How to let everyone know where to find me when I'm on cam? Or whatever.
I thought a little tag line on my stand alone instant messanger.
Yeah. I kept trying but NOooo. Now the next time I try don't you know it will be crysal clear and work like a charm!
Even so, a reply to an pop up im invite, should get some results?? right?
Ok is everybody pretending to be extremly dense, No thats not Denise, dense.
I bet everybody says, "How do I get there?" because everybody who shall remain nameless are too shy to talk in front of eachother.

No matter how much more I would like it! And we all know what idle hands will get us!

"Idle Hands Are The Devils..."

worththeeffort3 55M
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12/6/2005 2:04 am

as a self proclaimed jr. dweeb who shall in my own mind(what is left of it, or right)(add mind to question)remain lameless but not nameless.
As(it makes perfect sense) one who generally accepts not being in the loop(i.e. little fish)as the norm, I find that on any given occassion should even one person let alone more than one (timeout n=1+m, m=var.ok timein)reply or talk to me, that an act of God must be taking place (whether its mercy or damnation depends on which way the person looks at it. its ok i wear sunglasses)but maybe its because they are shy. But is it shyness from what? discovery of their thoughts by others or fear of societal condemnations, or maybe learned behavior hanging around unkowningly like gas in a bad digestive tract but subconsciously imprinted as weakness among similar animals. Maybe but more than likely they may in fact truly be just as you stated, Dense, Denise.(Whew! glad I didn' get those backwards)look around you. Man really hasn't progressed or changed much upstairs since probably the first thought occurred.(couln't tell you when that happened because he didn't bother to give it any thought to make a record of it(maybe if Motown label had been prior..) Others did develop but written off once they had been determined to stop at every mirror and comb their hair as they admired just how admirable they truly were. Most of the remainder can but don't (they are either boring or signed a deal with the devil and became lawyers. The remaining minority who can and do carefully wander as they wonder amongst the lame just watching ...and waiting looking for something new to happen. Wow! sure went off the deep end there for a bit. Anyhow (relax i'm almost done and just to be fair, if i start a blog your invited over to tippy tiipy type as long as you desire)What ....was i saying....OH YEA! Anyhow not everyone can transcend themselves forward let alone through their own darkness or even begin to express their thoughts, including the emotion associated with the thought as well as you do on a regular basis. (i say make them all toys with a pull string!) Bottom line is it sucks 2b smart. Sometimes to know how to get what you want you got to be what you need. Only then can you see.

So How come a town in wyoming sounds the same as a shy girl named Ann?
Then again maybe if you painted your private chat room Mauve everything would be better (along with a blurb mention HINT-tag clue on private IM with Gone Fishing Back Later sign on reverse side) I hope regardless the next time it is crystal clear. Apopup invite! Don't think I've ever seen one of those. a pop up invite, what will they think of next!
your friend
ps Actually it was hard to really pay attention to your blog due to your pic. Girl, that photo makes it hard to notice anything else but how truly attractive you are. After that just the desire.

Wolfind2plz 50

12/19/2005 5:11 am

Wish Wish Little Fish~ "Yep, I know it well!"

Yas2aSkreemer8 49M
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12/25/2005 3:43 am

I think maybe shyness, but probably distracted. For some guys there is just too many other choices where they can live out a solo fantasy that you are here for jsut them. Chat room may just remind them of the reality they seek to escape.

Why do the general webcam sites all offer the 'private chat'? And a public chat which can be like a cock fight (yes pun intended/ ).

The question I have was why did you do it the second time and what do yo really hope to acomplish?

Wolfind2plz 50

1/5/2006 2:54 pm

why a second time? You know the old saying, "if @ first you don't succeed..." No honestly, I figured maybe I didn't get it the first time around. And what did I hope to accomplish? I guess I wasn't clear, it is impossible to respond and have a conversation with everyone that im me. If you respond to too many the computer freezes up, or you have a million boxes open all over the screen.
Most of them are just making lewd & crude comments or playing director. At the same time I would like to respond in some way to everyone, you know- not to be rude~
If your broadcasting your cam it's kinda obvious your not there for the solo chat session, don't you think?

ND Wolf

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