A Pic is worth~  

Wolfind2plz 50
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7/8/2005 9:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Pic is worth~

Somebody sent me this pic and it's got me all hot and bothered. I'm just sitting around my room this morning trying to find somebody to play for.

N.D. Wolfi*?

rm_NoTeezIn 46M
68 posts
8/24/2005 9:39 am

are you m or f

BonnieBoy2 57M

9/1/2005 10:17 am

I think NoTeezIn's blood is all in his groin and not his brains to ask the lovely, sexy, alluring N.D. Wolfi's gender.

So what is the pic that got you so horny, honey?

p.s. an off the wall question: are you Icelandic, by any chance? I'll explain later

Wolfind2plz 50

9/4/2005 5:05 am

A Pic is worth~

I am whatever you want me to be, baby~

(Provided you can fufill my wish list~)

worththeeffort3 55M
8 posts
9/9/2005 11:51 am

the spanish thing. Would a book or tapes with me qualify. Obviously I need some insight along with some sharp comments from my wish list sender of desire. If no special then how about something in regular appointments. Maybe there was a cancellation or someone you scared away for some unknown reason. If your still reading this answer me this (obviously theory) If we met what would you like from me or what can you bring to the table of ....

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