The Governor And Her Playmate  

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The Governor And Her Playmate

I work at a major medical center. My office is one of a little complex of three small and strangely shaped offices near the lobby of the main building. I am the sole occupant, isolated from the group I officially work with. My group is in another building, a block away and twelve floors up. Only rarely does anyone come by except for an occasional lost person looking for the bathroom. My work is highly technical and it suits me fine to have the luxury of a quiet and undisturbed place to do it. That's not to say I never have contact with my distant co-workers, I do. I have my phone and I can usually think of a reason to venture from my outpost for a visit with one of my brethren. Rain, snow, hot, cold, it doesn't matter; I can always reach them through the underground tunnels that connect all the buildings in the sprawling complex. I'm not by myself because I have a communicable disease or unsavory social habits but rather to claim the offices, to plant my group's flag, on what was unused space. No other group could lay claim as long as I was there--at least not without a political skirmish.

All that I survey is mine--except for today. This morning there are two gentlemen at the outer door to my tiny realm denying me entrance to my kingdom. After they were satisfied I was who I said I was and I had no concealed weapons on my person, one of them explained that the Governor--our first female governor--was inside waiting to speak to an assembly about health care initiatives. Because the governor's speech was to be given in a nearby area, one of the small offices was an ideal place for her to do whatever speakers need to do before they speak. The gentleman with verbal skills allowed me to go to my office; the other one didn't say a word nor did he take his eyes off me. As I passed by the governor's temporary office, she glanced up at me and I at her. I went out to the bathroom once. On the way back neither of the gentlemen said anything to me but the non-verbal one examined me as if he had seen me for the first time. The Governor and I exchanged glances again only this time she smiled. I settled in and began the day like any other.

I lost track of time, as I usually do, when there was a rapping on the doorframe. I looked up. It was the Governor so I stood. "Please sit," she said, "I just came by to apologize for any inconvenience my being here may have caused." "It's no problem," I responded, "It's my honor."
"It's only an honor if you voted for me."
"Well, actually, I didn't. But I still consider it an honor."
"Thankyou," she said in a genuine tone, "May I sit?"
I gestured to the only chair besides my desk chair but before she sat she asked how I took my coffee then sent one of the two men outside to fetch us two cups.
"The hospital coffee is horrid," she said making a face.

We waited for the coffee and talked about the topic she would speak on, what I did at the medical center, some politics, and, of course, the weather which was hot and humid and beyond the limits of human endurance, typical for an August day. The outer door opened and closed so it was no surprise when the agent--the one that appeared verbally challenged--suddenly appeared in the doorway and knocked on the doorjamb. The Governor asked him to put the coffees on my desk. As he was closing the door she requested that he, "Close the outer door, please, and don't disturb us." The way she emphasized "don't" sounded like she had, at some time, needed to review the meaning of the word with the agents assigned her. "Barring some life-threatening situation, no agent in his right mind would dare interrupt her," I thought.

She changed the subject of our conversation, the prerogative, and often time's duty, of a governor. We exchanged brief vignettes from our youth and college days. Some of what she told me was moving but most brought a smile to both of us. She insisted I call her Helen and, likewise, she used my first name. At first I was uncomfortable using her given name but her smile and easy way disarmed me and I casually leaned back in my chair. Her smile was captivating, even playful. Her hair short as always. Short, and sassy and radiating youthfulness. She was more attractive than I had thought. I was actually desirous of her and I speculated what was beneath the beige pants suit she wore.

Helen began telling me things I never would have expected her to reveal; especially to someone she had met less than an hour ago. She told me of her desire for male companionship and the complications that would ensue from any liaison unless it was absolutely secret. She reminded me how difficult it was to keep anything secret at the state capitol or from the media.

"I haven't been intimate since just after I announced my candidacy," she blurted out.
I was taken back by her intimate disclosure. All I could do was look down into my coffee cup.
"Am I embarrassing you?"
"No, not really."
"Then why are you staring into your coffee?"
"I never expected..."
"That I would be telling you such private things?"
"But, I'm not making you uncomfortable?"
"Actually, Governor, I'm enjoying it."
"It's Helen, remember?"
"Okay, Helen."
"You want details?"
I shrugged my shoulders, barely nodding.

"You're wondering why I'm telling you these things, aren't you? Nothing is ever simple. Maybe I need to stop being Governor for a few minutes and just connect with another person. Maybe I want something more physical. At my age maybe it's a hormone gone wild thing. It's complicated. I know I can trust you. You're not a young boy who needs to boast about what you think no one else knows. You wouldn't say anything--nobody would believe you anyway. And, I don't have to remind you that you would be caught up in the repercussions. So then--it's our secret?

There was an empty moment. She sat without saying a word.
"It's warm in here."
She was right. The air conditioning had never worked properly.

Helen got up with her back to me and fumbled around with something in front of her. She took off her suit jacket, draped it around the chair, and sat back down. Two buttons of her white blouse were undone that shouldn't have been and I tried not to stare but I saw enough of her bra and the breast it held that I became erect. I sat upright in my chair so Helen wouldn't see the bulge in my pants; she was, after all, the Governor surrounded by agents who were there to protect her against all threats including a mindless erection. I envisioned Helen in only lace now that I had a tantalizing peek at her lace bra.

"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Nothing," I answered, my voice filled with evasiveness.
"You know that's not true," Helen countered as she got up and leaned toward me with both hands on my desk.

Her Rubinesque hips excited my hunger for her. I thought of a saying from my earlier years, "She's built for comfort not speed." I envisioned pulling her slacks off, the fullness of her thighs, my head between her legs, my face buried in her sweetness. Was her ass as round and wonderful as I pictured it was? Was her skin as milky white as I hoped? Fantasy faded and the view of her open blouse, her black bra, and her two supple breasts were my new reality. Reason was dissolving; judgment slipping, but I maintained control of myself. The thought of those two agents storming my office with guns drawn was not especially appealing.

"Tell me what's wrong," she asked again, her voice hitting a playful note.
She looked down at her open blouse.
"Does this bother you?" she asked smiling.
I didn't answer.

Helen proceeded to unbutton and remove her blouse. She massaged her breasts for a long minute then stepped out of her slacks leaving her black shoes on. "How about now," She asked, "Are you bothered now?" Coming around to my side of the desk she sat on it--one foot on my chair, her legs parted.

I got up and stood between her legs. I went to kiss her but she turned her head away. "No, you'll smear my lipstick--and don't mess my hair," Helen demanded. I was going to unhook her bra but she was there first. The lace bra dropped to my desk and I buried my face between her breasts while my hands worked them with the intensity of a baker kneading dough. I kissed, licked, and gently sucked her nipples until they became erect and hard. Helen sighed in my ear then warned me, "We don't have much time."

She had a luscious body and I would have loved to have hours with her but we didn't have that luxury. I pulled her panties off and threw them down behind the desk. With my mouth and tongue, I worked my way down from her breasts, over her tummy, to her beautiful mound. Her fragrance was all over her curly hair and I breathed it in deeply. She spread her legs wide. My fingers excited her pussy, but she wasn't wet enough to fuck--she was a young Governor but a middle-aged woman who didn't get as wet as fast as she used to. I gave her two of my fingers and she took them in her mouth but even with her saliva she was still too dry. I licked her pussy lips with my tongue while I rubbed her clit with a finger. Two fingers worked their way in and out of her cunt hole as I flicked the tip of my tongue on her clit. Helen's juices were flowing. I stroked those beautiful thighs as I continued to pleasure her with my tongue--being between her legs was pure ecstasy. She held my head firm with her thighs and shuddered. Helen stroked my hair and spread her legs wide again.

"Fuck me," She said with all the authority of the Governor.
I undid my belt, unzipped my pants and let them fall.
"Fuck me now," She said impatiently.

I slipped my cock inside her a couple of inches then took it out almost all the way and pushed it in again. I teased her that way a few times until she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me into her.

"Fuck me hard," Helen ordered. My thrusts were hard and fast and she came the same way. I hadn't cum yet so I kept fucking her but she told me to stop. "Don't cum in me and don't cum on me," she said.
"Then let me cum in your mouth."
"No, it'll ruin my makeup."

There was a box of tissues on my desk. I pulled out a bunch and was about to cum into the wad when Helen said, "What the Hell," and got down on her knees before me. She reminded me of a Maxfield Parrish nymph. Helen held my cock--still wet with her cum--in one hand and took it in her mouth. I had to sit. Her head bobbed up and down and her tongue licked all around. I was cumming and wanted to hold her head but her admonition not to mess her hair stuck with me. Helen was in charge; I thought it fitting. I came and for a minute I floated, completely relaxed, in another dimension. The Governor sat on the floor in front of me wearing only stockings and black shoes. Her legs were apart and her pussy glistened. A dribble of cum was in the corner of her mouth so I got her attention and pointed to my own mouth; she licked it clean.

She cleaned up and stuffed some tissues in her panties before she finished getting dressed. When she was done dressing she sprayed some perfume in the room to cover up any smell of sex her protectors might pick up. "When you're Governor you don't trust anybody," she told me.
"I want to keep your panties--as a souvenir."
"That's not possible."
It was almost time for her to speak; Helen kissed me lightly on the cheek and was gone. A few days later I signed for an envelope from a messenger service. In it were the still-soiled panties she wore the day I fucked the Governor.

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