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2/15/2006 9:02 am

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Me knows dis suppos ne a day to day count of mes buts sometimes me no no habs much to say, so mes just goin to write when me feels me has somefing to express. Lately me been gettin so many reactions to me being an AB. Some have been good, some even better, and some not so good.

All me has to say is one thing. Me feels we should all be happy and fwee to do whatever our hearts desire wiffout fear of negativity. Also me feels we should be honest with ourselves and everyone else and not try to cover up anything. What we is is what we is, so why hide it.

Me knows of many ABs and DLs that live der lives in the shadows cause dey no no want others to know of their secrets, but me is always open and honest wiff everyone cause me feels we should be happy being ourselves, and me libs by da motto live and let live.

Me is a very stong Christian and seek God daily for advice and guidance to be able to walk the ways He would approve, and me feels dat being an AB truely helps me do dis cause it gibs me a spirit dat is always open to correction and willingness to listen to whatever He has to tell me.

Take for instance me feelings I had da udder day about annudder guy. Me knows many people hab differrent reactions when it comes to homosexuality, but as I said before live and let live. My views on da subject is dat me feels dat based on me faith it is not somefing God approves of, and me was fellin guilty about the rising feelings me had. Me turned to God for guidance in making da right decision, and got advice from other Christians. Thanks to God and me fwiends, me was able to not only lose da feelings, but get forgiveness for habin dem in da first place.

Now me no no want to get into any pwoblems wiff anyone so me will repeat dat me knows eberyone habs different views on dis subject and no one can actually point fingers and say whether it is wight or wrong, it is basically all in what each and every one of us believe in. Again live and let live. We should respect each others views and not try to fight about who is right and who is wrong.

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