Sitting in your office...  

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4/19/2005 1:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sitting in your office... have no idea who the stranger is who knocks on your door. He smiles as he opens the door, then makes it obvious as he switches the lock and closes the door. You stare in shock as he steps forward and unzips his pants, his large cock flipping out of his pants. "Now it's your turn," he says, but you're unsure what the reference is to. Before you know it, he's standing in front of you, his cock growing as he pulls you from the chair and puts your face near it. You can smell it, and the smell makes your mouth water. Before you know it, you're cupping his balls in your hand and licking up and down his shaft, teasing his head with your tongue, teeth, and lips. He looks down at you and smiles, his hands on your shoulders as you slide your mouth slowly down over his now-fully-forme erection. His cock fills your mouth, and you slide your hand a little further back to tease his asshole.

"Very like to suck cock, don't you?" he asks, and you look up, eyes signalling your agreement as you continue to suck on him.

Unexpectedly, he lifts you up off of his hard cock. "Sit there," he orders, pointing at your desk. Dutifully, you sit down, and he quickly kneels in front of you, spreading your legs and sliding his hands up your skirt...much to his surprise (and pleasure), you're wearing no panties today. He crawls forward and runs his tongue slowly up the inside of your left thigh, his stubble bristling against your skin and sending shivers from your head to your toes. His tongue teases your pussy, gently sliding up and down your lips before pushing them apart and licking at your hot, wet hole.

He licks your pussy from clit to asshole and back, teasing and pleasing every inch along the way. Finally, his tongue comes to rest on your clit, which he takes into his mouth by sucking on it gently, flicking his tongue back and forth against the hard nub. His hand wanders up to begin rubbing your pussy lips, then he slides one finger into you...then two...fucking your pussy with his fingers as his tongue works your clit. You moan in ecstacy as you open your blouse and begin to finger your own nipples, feeling them rock-hard through the silky material of your bra. You nearly cum instantly when one of his other fingers wanders back and presses against your tight asshole, but you hold back, even as that finger slowly pushes inside. Your thighs quiver uncontrollably as you hold back the waves that are building, until you can't take it any more. You scream as your legs squeeze his head, your pussy and asshole convulsing around his fingers.

You're momentarily shocked as he pushes your legs apart and stands in front of you, but that shock goes away as you feel that big, thick cock that you just had in your mouth pushing into your hot, wet pussy. You keep cumming, out of control now, your pussy pulsing around his hard cock as he starts to fuck you, slowly at first, then progressively faster. He reaches down and pinches your nipples, and you hear him moan as his cock begins throbbing inside you, filling you more than you had thought it would. Seconds later, he pulls out and shoots his white, sticky cum all over you - some of it lands on your face, some on your lips (which you greedily lick up), more drips off of your tits, but the most of it lays right there on your belly.

He smiles at you, with his large cock firmly in hand, then puts it away and walks over to the door.

"There will be more where that came from," he says as he slips out the door, leaving you there on your desk, covered in sweat and cum.

You can't wait until the next time...

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