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11/15/2005 1:12 pm

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I watch as you walk into the room. You don't see me, or even know I'm there. You step over to the bed and sit down on it, the lights dim. I watch as you survey your surroundings, feeling the soft satin covering the bed, testing the pillows. You smile as you examine the artwork, wander over to run your hand along the stone mantle above the fireplace, the light from the fire flickering over your body, as though the flames were licking your flesh. You come toward the mirror and stand there, no more than two feet in front of me.

You know what you're supposed to do - you've rehearsed it a hundred times. Your hand first reaches up and releases the clip holding your hair back, allowing it to fall down across your shoulders. You flip it with a knowing, flirtatious toss, and it falls again behind your neck. Your hands slowly wander up to the top button of your blouse, as you undo it and move to the next. Slowly, teasingly, thinking that you're playing for the camera above you, not knowing I'm right here, watching.

You slide your blouse back over your shoulders, and stand for a moment, enjoying the view of your body. Your fingers trace your cleavage, and then slide down to your skirt, which you expertly wiggle out of and let fall to the floor. You turn and show off the lacy g-string that so perfectly displays your tight ass, then reach back to unclasp your bra, releasing your gorgeous breasts, showing how hard your nipples are. You tweak them, one in each hand, and I look down to see a slight dampness showing in the front of your panties.

You slide one hand down, between the lace and your flesh, and I can see you rub your wet lips, dampening your fingers. You moan softly as you remove your fingers and taste your own juices. You lick your lips before turning around and pulling down your panties, spreading your legs slightly to show off your tight ass and pussy at the same time. As your panties hit the floor, you reach back between your legs and spread your cheeks, looking in the mirror to see your tight asshole and pussy wide open, ready to be used. Your finger brushes against your asshole and I see you bring it back further and let one finger slip into your wet pussy before continuing to your clit and straight back into your mouth.

You turn and walk to the bed, walking with a perfect wiggle that moves your ass beautifully. You sit on the bed and reach into the nighstand drawer, removing two vibrators that have been there waiting for you. You lay back on the bed and spread your legs, first letting your fingers rub your clit, toy with your pussy, then adding the vibrator to the mix. This one is small - I can see you rubbing your pussy against it as you moan, softly at first, then louder. Performing for what you think is the camera, no doubt.

I watch as you slide the small vibe in and out of your wet pussy, then press it against your tight little asshole. You sit up a little bit as you press it, harder and harder until it finally slides right in. You let it pulse in and out of your asshole for a minute, then take the second, larger vibe and start to fuck your pussy with it, holding the smaller one deep in your ass. You tremble as you moan loudly, rocking your body against the larger vibe. I can see your juices starting to run down your thighs as you start to cum, bucking and moaning, rocking the entire bed as you scream in sheer, utter ecstacy. You continue to cum for a minute, then two, then three, teasing yourself to keep the waves coming and coming.

The timer dings, and you regain your composure, putting your bra, blouse, and skirt back on and depositing your panties in the dresser drawer, as instructed.

I smile, clean up, and wait for the next participant - looking at the schedule, it's a couple this time.

tillerbabe 56F

11/15/2005 11:38 pm

Sir, Any "instructions" for me?

WntToLick 42M

11/16/2005 6:57 am

tiller - I can think of many things I'd like to watch you doing...

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