It's all about creativity...and adventure...  

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8/3/2005 11:37 am

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It's all about creativity...and adventure...

You sit at the bar, the dark atmosphere reinforcing the feelings of daring and adventure in you. As we agreed, you are wearing a somewhat short skirt, no panties, and a pink rose pinned to your shirt. Several men step up next to you, and your mind races as you look them up and down, wondering if they're the man that you shared your email fantasies with...which one carries the thick cock that you watched cum for you via webcam? Will one of them offer you a drink, and begin the experiment? Your mind is racing, and you can feel the heat and wetness between your legs growing as you mentally undress each man that stands next to you, wondering if he's the one.

Suddenly, from your other side, you hear someone order a drink, and ask the bartender for another for you. You spin slowly on the barstool, and immediately see the tie that he'd described to you. His steel-blue eyes look into yours for a moment, and he then smiles. You smile back, and as was agreed in the email, you spread your legs slightly as you turn toward him. You take your drink in hand as he deftly maneuvers one of his hands up under your skirt, slowly tracing up the inside of your thigh until he reaches the goal both of you had for tonight. You moan softly as his fingers gently stroke the wet lips of your pussy, then bite your lip as he slides first on finger, then two, into you. Looking nonchalant, he sips his drink, and you look down to notice the bulge growing in his slacks, almost able to make out the shape of that gorgeous cock you watched cum the other night. This thought is lost on you, though, as you attempt to maintain a modicum of decency as you enjoy the feel of his fingers working your wet pussy, rubbing your g-spot and clit while others around you seem not to notice what's going on.

Finally, you sigh audibly as you begin to cum, riding the wave of pleasure as his fingers work you, defiantly sipping his drink and making small talk with you and the bartender as your face flushes. Your pussy squeezes his fingers as they continue to slide in and out, and you know that you have soaked not only your skirt, but the barstool as well. But you don't care.

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