Action on the dance floor...  

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7/22/2005 1:22 pm

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Action on the dance floor...

Our eyes lock from across the room, we watch each other standing, sipping our drinks, moving slightly to the rhythm of the music. I watch as you finish your drink, and quickly ensure that I do the same. You step onto the dance floor, not making any motion for me to follow, knowing that you don't need to. I move through the bodies, feeling the heat, the energy, fixed on my goal. I step between a couple, making no apologies, as I see you there, dancing in your short skirt and too-tight top. You writhe with the music as though it has reached deep within you and is pulling your strings.

I step behind you, placing my hands on your hips, and pull you gently against me. You say nothing as you step backward, sliding your hands down to take mine as you press against me, feeling my hardening cock entrenched in the folds of your ass. You slide up and down, back and forth, until it is fully hard, then turn around and look me in the eyes. We smile at each other, my eyes momentarily drawn to your hard nipples, looking like pencil erasers pressing against your taut top.

You reach around my waist and pull yourself into me, now grinding your mound against my throbbing cock. You whisper into my ears, "Feel how wet I am for you," as you turn back around and take a half-step away, continuing the dance. I can see by the lines of your body that there is nothing between me and your moist heat, and reach around your waist as my other hand slides between your spread legs and feels out the wet lips of your hot pussy...

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