A new story...continued...  

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9/23/2005 8:50 am

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A new story...continued...

"HO-LY shiiiiit," he says, watching you clean his cum off. You stand up, kiss him with his cum still on your tongue, and guide him back to your blanket, where you push his head down until he's kneeling, waiting for his tongue to work its magic on you.

He goes to work immediately, beginning by kissing your bare mound, your upper thighs, working his way slowly closer and closer to your hot, wet lips. You spread your legs slightly and press your hand firmly against the back of his head, pushing his mouth up against your dripping cunt. He starts licking you, first flicking your clit with his tongue, then working back to tease your hole. You moan in pleasure, and feel your legs weakening as you enjoy the teasing. You pull his head away and lay down on the blanket, legs spread wide for his continued attention.

He crawls toward you, taking your right foot in his hand and lifting your leg, sucking on each toe ever so slightly before running his tongue down the inside of your thigh, where he immediately plunges his tongue between your damp lips and begins tongue-fucking you while rubbing your clit with one free hand. Your body feels the electric surge, and you watch as your nipples firm up even more, and your hand reaches over to pinch it, loving the feeling of a finger on your clit, a tongue in your pussy, and your fingers around your nipple.

He lifts his tonge to focus on your clit, sucking it between his lips and nibbling on it gently. You groan in pleasure as you pinch both of your nipples, and feel him shift positions. He sucks hard on your clit, as you feel first one finger, then two, sliding in and out of your pussy. You start grinding your clit against his face, and reach down to pull his mouth up tight against your clit as he continues to finger-fuck you. He adds a third finger, and you nearly cum immediately, but hold it back to see where he goes from there.

You continue grinding your pussy against his face, knowing that he's now covered in your juices, and loving the feeling of his goatee against your sking. You attempt to hold your orgasm back, but he breaks your defenses when his free hand first rubs, then slides into, your tight asshole. You cum nearly immediately, squeezing his fingers with your pussy and asshole, and coating his face, chin, and neck in your hot, wet cum. He starts to back off, but you sternly tell him to keep working you. He obediently returns to his work on your pussy and ass, and you ride wave after wave of orgasm, moaning and groaning his name until your body finally gives in and you collapse in ecstacy.

He stands up and looks down on you, covered in sweat, dripping from your pussy and thighs with your own cum, and you can see his large, hard dick...and you know you want something else dripping from inside you.

tillerbabe 56F

9/23/2005 11:18 pm

This is hot, frantic, and beautiful......
Quit writing and "Fuck me...."

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