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A new story...

You close your eyes and listen to the sound of the ocean in the distance. The cool air blows across your body and you feel your nipples tense up as they respond to the breeze over your naked body. The cove in which you lie is one that you found years ago, and it is someplace private, where you go to escape the rush of the world in which you live and work. Here, you can lie on the grass, and let your skin soak in the sun's rays. You are just about to drift off into your usual cat-nap, when you're disturbed by the sound of something coming around the corner. Just as you raise your head to see what it might be, you're shocked to see a leg step around the narrow ledge that permits entrance to your domain. A strong leg, a powerful leg, from what you can see. You sit up a bit, wondering just who this could be that's invading your space, forgetting for the moment that your body is on display for whomever that leg may belong to. A man steps around the corner, and turns so that his back faces you, obviously looking out at the ocean, and just as obviously not noticing you. You can see from his shape that he's well-cut, even through the loose shorts and t-shirt that he's wearing. There's something familiar about him as well, but you can't quite place it at first.

He turns around and takes a half-step forward before stopping dead in his tracks. Staring. At you. You immediately recognize him as the new neighbor that moved in next door a couple weeks ago. The very same neighbor that you can recall spending time watching as he worked on cleaning the yard, shirtless in the summer sun. You can also recall the fantasies that you've had in your mind, the ones that left you wanting in your bed at night, never quite fulfilled by your fingers or toys. And now he's here. He's yours.

"Oh! Wow...I'm...um...uh...I...er..." he stammers as his eyes float up and down your naked body.

"Who are you?!" you exclaim, making a slightly slower-than-necessary move to cover yourself with the blanket. "What are you doing here!?"

"Oh...I...uh...that is, I saw a trail..and well, um..."

You decide to play with him a bit, and drop the towel. "What? Pussy got your tongue? You're a grown man, aren't you?" you ask as you stand and take a step forward. You can see the bulge in his pants growing, and from the looks of it, he's going commando.

"Well, yes...it's just that...WOW! I didn't exactly expect to find you here...and definitely not naked."

"But here you are, and here I am." You smile as you look him up and down. "And now, I think it's only fair - you've seen me, time to lose those clothes and let me see what you have for me."

The twinkle in his eyes grows bright, and he drops the towel and small cooler that he was carrying, pulling off his shirt and unzipping his shorts, which drop to the ground. He takes a step toward you, asking "Is that better?"

You eye his muscular legs, the shape of his body, and most keenly, the large semi-erect cock that hangs between his legs. "Mmmmm...definitely not too bad. But we must do something about that," you say, pointing to his cock. "May I?" you inquire as you step forward, taking his thick cock in your hand and stroking it as you gently claw his chest with your fingernails. He moans deeply and smiles back, "Certainly..." You squeeze him as you feel his cock filling your hand, throbbing between your fingers.

"I've been wanting to see this for a long time," you whisper in his ear, your nipples standing at attention as they press against his chest, "and now that I have you, you're mine until I let you go." You slowly kneel in front of him, kissing down his chest as you stroke his rock-hard cock. Your hand drops down to his balls as you lick, then kiss the thick head of his cock. "Let's see if you taste as good as you look, shall we?" you say just before lowering your mouth around him, taking him in inch-by-inch until your lips rest against the base of his delicious cock. Your tongue works the shaft as you slowly pull back off of him, and deep-throat him again. He moans loudly as you work his balls while sucking his cock. His hand comes down and rests on your head, then his fingers tie through your hair as he guides you up and down on his rod. You greedily swallow him, fucking him with your mouth.

"Holy shit, baby...I had no idea."

You look up as you continue working him between your lips, your eyes full of desire as you imagine how good it will feel to slide this cock into the hot, wet hole between your legs, the hole that you've wanted him in since you first saw him. Your finger slides back, past his balls, past his taint, and presses against his tight asshole. You feel his cock throb hard, getting instantly more thick, and he groans in pleasure. You know he's about to cum, and you want to make sure you enjoy every drop. You push your finger against his asshole until it's just starting to push in, and his hand tightens in your hair. His cock is throbbing hard now, every pulse of blood making the head thicker and harder in your mouth. You speed up your work, fucking his cock with your mouth the way you'd ride him with your cunt. He grabs your hair and pushes your head down, and instantly your mouth is filled with his hot, sticky cum. You swallow as much as you can, loving the taste of him, and knowing that there is more to come. He shoots so much into your mouth, though, that you can't swallow it all...it leaks out from between your lips and runs down his balls and your chin. His grip on your hair relaxes as you work his cock a little more, making sure to squeeze every drop of cum out of him, and then lift your mouth off of his cock and lick his balls clean.

"HO-LY shiiiiit," he says, watching you clean his cum off. You stand up, kiss him with his cum still on your tongue, and guide him back to your blanket, where you push his head down until he's kneeling, waiting for his tongue to work its magic on you.

tillerbabe 56F

9/22/2005 3:47 am

ummmmmm....so when? I happen to Loooouuuve the ocean....{=}

WntToLick 42M

9/23/2005 8:47 am

Well...then you'll just have to read part two...

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