A new fantasy...  

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9/26/2005 10:54 pm

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A new fantasy...

Our eyes meet over the table, as we sip our coffees, making small talk, pretending to have a civilized conversation. We can both feel the tension between us, knowing the arrangements that we made over email...knowing that under your skirt there is nothing between your pussy and the outside world, that the bulge you know is straining at my jeans is nothing but my hard cock, pressing against the denim fly.

We smile at each other, you licking your lips and me biting my lip as I finish the last drop of my coffee and rise, taking your hand in mine. We walk out to my Explorer and you climb in as I open the door for you, making sure to flip your skirt up ever so slightly so that I can see your beautiful ass. I blush as I close the door and walk around to the front, climbing into the driver's seat and starting the truck.

You look over at me with a hunger in your eyes, and as I back the truck out of the parking place, you are already unzipping my fly. You pull the button open and roll the zipper back, and smile as you see my hard cock exposed to the world.

"Mmmm...is that for me?" you ask.

"Absolutely...I hope you like it."

"Like it? I can't wait to get my lips around that," you say as you slide your hand around and grip it tightly, watching a drop of precum leak out onto the head. You take your finger, swirl it around the head, and bring it to your lips, making a show of licking it off with your tongue. "Hurry...I have to taste it."

I pull the Explorer into a secluded parking spot - an office complex that's deserted during the off hours. I zip my fly up, covering my cock for a few moments despite your look of disappointment, as I open my door and walk around to the other side. I open the door, but rather than climb out, you simply turn and spread your legs toward the door, lifting your skirt.

"What do you think of that?" you say as you take a finger and rub your wet pussy with it, spreading your lips for me.

"I think it looks delicious," is my answer as I step forward and bury my head between your thighs, licking you from clit to asshole and back again...savoring the taste of your pussy juices as your hands grasp my head and guide me. I eat your pussy like it was my last meal, flicking your clit, teasing your wet pussy hole, and even playing with your asshole. You moan in delight as I slide first one, then two fingers into your waiting hole, fucking you with them as my tongue circles and flicks your clit. You moan loudly, as your thighs begin to quiver...you can feel the orgasm building inside you, and you press your pussy tight against my face, grinding it harder against me as you start to cum. You scream as you reach the breaking point, and you explode...drenching my face with your hot, wet cum while your legs squeeze my head.

Seeing my chance, I climb up on the edge of the truck and pull out my throbbing cock, sliding it slowly into your quivering, clenching pussy. You moan again as your legs wrap around my ass and push me deeply into you, and I begin fucking you -- slowly at first, then harder, faster, deeper. We moan and groan in time, as you continue to cum, and your pussy works my cock tight and fast. In no time, I'm about to cum, and I look up and ask you, "Where do you want it, baby?"

"Cum in me...I want you to fill me."

No sooner have you spoken those very words, than my cock erupts inside of you, filling your pussy with hot, white, sticky cum. It spills out of your lips and runs down your thighs, down my shaft and balls. I keep fucking you, my hard cock not softening at all, and you pull your pussy off of me, then take me deep into your mouth, tasting our mixed cum on my cock, loving every bit of it. You raise up off of my cock and kiss me deeply, our tastes intermingling, as we hold each other in the truck.

"Not bad for an afternoon quickie, don't you think?" I ask, whispering the words in your ear.

"Mmmm...absolutely wonderful," is your breathless reply.

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