True Stories  

WitchyByNature 49F
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2/22/2005 7:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

True Stories

Since I started posting my sexual adventures, I have received several emails asking if these scenarios are true, are they real.

Why of course they are real. I don't post names, or dates, or give any identifying information, why shouldn't they be real?

Do they really sound that unbelievable? Or is it so unbelievable that I would be in that sort of encounter?

Maybe it takes a mid-life crisis ( a mid-wife crisis, as I was mid-wife when it dawned on me that I was miserable), to get in touch with one's true Sexual Identity. Maybe it takes a walk through Hel on the arm of Lady Hekate to finally shed the inhibitions forced upon us by the moral majority.

What does it matter the reason, bottom line is yes, they are 100% real. I am not giving dates, or locations, or any other identifying info.... if a man recognizes himself in the situations I describe, maybe he should email me and see if it's as great as I remember.

love69196301 54M
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2/23/2005 8:16 am

Hello Witchybynature, I love the pic you chose here the tat on your back is hot. I love the way the rest of you looks as well.Would love to read more,looking forward to more posts.
xoxoxoxoxo love69196301

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