Fantasy Nightmare  

WishAngel4u 41F
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4/7/2005 10:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fantasy Nightmare

Hi everybody!!!! First I want to thank all the gents for responding to my last blog. You guys are all really great.
Now down to business. I have one HELL of a Fantasy Nightmare to share.
A few nights back I finally decide to meet with, in person a guy I meet here online.
Now I can't reveal his handle or anything, but he knows who he is.
In his profile he described himself as a tall, handsome, 28, SINGLE man, with blue eyes, and long brown hair. None of which was true.
He was actually a short, balding, pudgy man, who was not only MARRIED, but who also had children.
Now I knew none of this until after I went to meet him. We had exchanged hundreds of e-mails, talked about a multiple of subjects. And mutually decided that we were very much designed for one another. So we made our plans to meet. Something I won't do again, and something I should have never done. At his home 7 PM on a Friday night.
So there I was all dressed up in this little black number to die for. I found his house without a problem, pulled up, parked, got out, and walked to the door.
I knocked, and there it was to greet me. The Truth!
HIS 7 months PREGNANT WIFE, and his 3 year old little girl.
I immediately thought I must have the wrong house. She asked if she could help me, I told her the address I was looking for, she said I had the right one.
I was in shock absolute shock. Then he came walking up from behind. Looking nothing like what I had imagined. And especially not what his profile said he was.
I have never felt so ashamed and embarrassed, and lied to in all my life. How could he ruin their lives like that?
And the worst thing was his wife figured it out. And now he says I'm to blame for their divorce.
What do you think? Did I break up his marriage? Does his wife have any legal grounds to sue me?
And why do men never think of their familys and children when their lusting after someone online?
So a piece of advice to any guy who responds to my profile, be single, and be prepared to only do e-mail exchange. Because I have had enough of game playing, and being hurt.
Oh another worst thing that came out of it, one of their neighbors was a co-worker of mine, and now she to knows that he was as he said cheating on his wife because of me.
Nightmare, it was all a Real-Life Nightmare!!!

sumtingnew4me 56M/53F
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4/7/2005 11:04 pm

Bummer girlfriend! But, I applaud your integrity! I am living a nightmare finding my hubbie been doing my ex-friend 4 several years. Let me tell you I AM DISGUSTED to think a woman can proceed knowing full well his marital position.

YOU ARE NOT AT FAULT! The idiot is. I would bet that you were the last straw. Say a prayer for that poor woman you greeted because her nighmare has just begun. At least yours is over!

I trust you will find what you need soon because ya deserve it.

wenchatheart 40F
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4/8/2005 5:41 am

WOW - you are not at fault - at all....had he been smart ( as he wasn't ) he wouldn't have had you come to his home while his preggers wife and child were there...I mean - what was he thinking... ??? HELLO....he's the idiot. for many reasons....lying about his looks and his marital status (which obviously is not an open relationship), and your co-workers who now knows he's been cheating because of you....nope - also not your fault - all you did was exchange e-mails as I'm sure he's the one who initiated it - because HE gave you directions and instructions on date and time to HIS house...YOU hadn't done anything...and I guarantee - you are probably not the first unsuspecting woman he's done this too - please say you saved all the e-mails that said he was a single stud. His wife doesn't have anything on you (especially since it's not like he's going to leave her for you - you don't want anything to do with him - obviously - d'uh!)

Question - in all his e-mails he didn't send a photo - or you didn't ask - I won't have too many e-mails with those who don't send photos, they make me very nervous. I had one guy - wouldn't send me a head shot (like of his face) - kept bugging me to meet him to prove that he was good looking....we were in private e-mail - wasn't like I asked him to post it on the site...I think he finally understood that I wouldn't meet him without it...I mean - I don't think it's fair if they knw what I look like but I don't know what they look like....

Keep looking - for every dud - there are a few decent ones...

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