We have lift off  

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9/10/2005 9:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

We have lift off

..I have bought a couple of extras such as listing highlight and Silver Member Contacts.

All up the cost is about 70 dollars a month which will be a bargain if it pays off.

I have checked the position of my listing and its about a dozen pages in which is not too bad I suppose.

I tried to upload 2 photos, but one was rejected. I think it is because it was of me and a friend (in diving gear) and 2 person images are not acceptable.

The photo which is up presently is the only one of my face that I have. My digicam is in Australia not here in Hong Kong and so don't have it to hand to produce a proper stable of photos. My fall back position is to pop next door to Fortress and turn around new pictures in an hour. I've adopted a wait and see attitude.

I have had a quick scoot through the women seeking men and couples seeking men sections and sent off a couple of winks and three Contact Me requests.

One of the Contact Me requests was to a lovely young couple I'd love to meet. Fingers crossed on that one.

So now I eagerly await the initial outcomes from my early foray into the midst. Getting the listing right by invoking all the right techniques is the key to success I believe. Its all about getting noticed. There is a learnable science in making AdultFriendFinder work and am keen as mustard to get the right configuration.

I was thrown by the nature of the message I should give when I initiate a contact. What is there more to say that hasn't been said in the profile? This is a bit unnerving really as many of the 'smarter' listings seem to place a great deal of importance of their length and tenor. However, I see it as though we are merely licking the stamp. Surely the point of easy contact in a site like this makes the pre-telephone banter just a wee bit superfluous. Of course, it could be a ploy by experienced listers to sort the wheat from the chaff. I'm not persuaded (but I stand to be corrected!) that this is overly relevant or important.

If, as I have, you decide to be completely honest and appropriate in your privileged, intimate dealings with like-minded others, then this extended pre-contact foreplay is just superfluous. What can any such extended words do to progress a contact I wonder? The ongoing pre-sex 'due-diligence' continues right up until the time the lady says "please, no further than this", but I'm buggered to see what extra value those words add when all you really want to do is say "Hi, I'm here. You seriously interest me, would you like to play...?"

Nevertheless, the deed is done. Maybe I'm being optimistic in my early excitement but I genuinely want those I have contacted to consider me. I have been appropriately selective and read all their profiles and other biographical three times. I have attempted to disclose myself fully and offered up complete transparency in what I am all about, what I am looking for and my essential motivations. I believe the people who are attracted to me will see the qualities I possess and feel comfortable in contacting me.

I will keep you all appraised of my progress. Please feel free to join in and share with me your own 30 days experience.



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