Day 2 - Tepid Sunday  

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9/11/2005 6:30 am

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Day 2 - Tepid Sunday

It has now been some 24 hours since my listing was cleared and hosted on AdultFriendFinder. No exciting result to report although it has been fun.

I got a Cupid report delivered to me today. It contained the details of 6 ladies who might be suitable but 5 were listed as seeking meaning in a relationship in addition to the physical rationale for it. Therefore they were inherently unsuitable for me. The one thing that has occurred to me is that my listing is no doubt also being Cupid posted by AdultFriendFinder around the site to possible suitors. This is good news. Having to rely on ladies coming across my listing as a means to bring about an 'arrangement' was a worry - there are 28,000 other guys out there and I was concerned that I would merely get lost amongst all the others.

Last night I stumbled across a 45 year old married Chinese lady who was welcoming and we chatted for a while. It is really interesting to understand others' motivations for an AdultFriendFinder listing. Ostensibly it is about sex but when you spend a lot of time reading the listings you can discern that something else is going on. It is ultimately all about excitement: apprehension, fear, surprise, wonder, elation, satisfaction.

This Chinese lady was sitting in front of her web cam, naked, chatting with me. She reported that her husband knows nothing about her dating secret life. Good for her! She said she was an office worker and did not have a great deal of time available in her life. She had undoubtedly decided how she wanted to have excitement in her life and was actioning it. Her attitude was really inspirational. If you want it, map out the ground rules and go and get it.

It is interesting to see who is looking at my listing and reading my blog. Two ladies from the US have read my listing - how the hell did they stumble across me in Hong Kong, 1 in 28,000 some 8 pages deep into the rankings? Wonder what they thought?

Been checking my mail every 5 or 6 hours to see if anyone has been in touch. Not yet. Wonder when I'll stop 'constantly' checking? Wonder when I'll stop caring?

Been looking at the 'competition' amongst the men's listings in Hong Kong. Haven't quite figured out the purpose of all those erect prick pictures. Are women initially attracted to the sight of one hard dick amongst thousands of others? Or are these pictures just a way to show off the owners' bits and pieces because of a fear to reveal their identity generally? My take on it all is this: these guys are likely looking for the 'babe types' 19-30 that are readily on show in and around LKF. Instead of the chat up and booze routine, its head for Route One - AdultFriendFinder, pictures of dick and a promise of fun. All seemingly hit and miss and initially anonymous. It would be great to understand if this approach works - or is even relevant in a web environment. Perhaps AdultFriendFinder can invest in some half decent metrics on the site and let us know, in the context of the numbers game AdultFriendFinder undoubtedly is, what works and what is crap.

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