Saw Saw II (this has nothing to do with the movie)  

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10/28/2005 9:44 pm

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Saw Saw II (this has nothing to do with the movie)

I just came from seeing "Saw II." Dunno why but on the way home I was over came by some sort emotional dilema. Not sure if its because I wasted $7 on a crappy movie or maybe it was the incredible charming young women that seemed to be interested in me that I couldn't talk to because of some deep seeded fear of rejection. I think it was the latter. yeah I seem to recall it starting with them. On the way home I started over thinking it as I always do. Whats the worst that would have happened? I get shot down? Nah the worst would be they were really interested but 16 y/o. Yeah that would've sucked. Guess I'll never know though. I started thinking how insignificant it all is. If i talk to so gorgeous woman I could get rejected, score, or even get married...again, and no earth shattering events would take place.

Then I sarted going even deeper. After the spat with the spouse I pretty much gave up any faith in god or otherwise, so I started thinking its strange. Without that faith, there is really only one explination. We're all just a random combination of mostly water molecules that, through some joke of nature, is complex enough to contemplate its existance. Around this time is when I started trying to convince myself its ok and that some day I'd be happy and maybe even find my faith again. I was outside (bout midnight) smoking a cigarette at the time and happened to look up at the stars and I swear I saw a smiley face...

WTF is that suppose to mean?

This sort of post is probable a little to deep for this site but, judging by the replies I don't get from anywhere else on this site, no one reads anything I write on here any way.

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