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11/17/2005 1:38 pm

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Over the last 4 days I've seen 3 questions removed from the magazine!!!! Review requested,...Yanked! 3 Too many I think.

It brings up the issue of "proper conduct" on the internet. On a Sex site! This site is a place for the Open discussion, examination, and pursuit of Sexual ideas, issues, and relationships! NOT ALL, But MOST issues relating to sex are acceptable here! There are Limits, Exclusions! They are generally stated in Sec.5 para.D of the Terms of Use. Prohibited issues include sex involving Minors, Animals, Violence, Necrophilia,..etc.

What concerns me is the frequent disregard for the Rules of Acceptable Conduct. Many people seem to believe that Anonymity and a Computer bestow upon them an immunity from following basic rules of conduct. They falsely assume that the Rules for proper social behavior in the "Real World" DON'T APPLY HERE ON THE INTERNET!!!! Well they're WRONG!!!!

The partial list of Illegal or Prohibited content includes...."content that is patently offensive to the online COMMUNITY". (my emphasis)

Herein lies the Heart of the Issue. The HEART of this site! IT IS A COMMUNITY!!!! Made up of members from around the world! Men and women of varied age, race, experience, religion, education,....the list goes on and on.!!!! An amazing, fascinating, living, breathing COMMUNITY of Real Human Beings.!!

RESPECT for other human beings, with regard for their differences Must ALWAYS be the Rule for Conduct within any COMMUNITY!! Members Need to understand that Conduct Toward Other Members is Governed by the Same Rules As In The Real World. "Onsite IS NO DIFFERENT than Offsite".
The Sexual Freedom we enjoy Onsite DOES NOT translate into Unrestrained Freedom of Behavior when interacting with other members Online!!!

I am So Thankful for the opportunity to meet so many Wonderful, Good Hearted people through my participation in the magazine on this site. Many are exceptional! Some have become dear friends! As Thanksgiving approaches I feel grateful and thankful for the gift of their association. For my membership in a COMMUNITY of exceptional Human beings.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving of your own!!

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11/17/2005 3:25 pm

Thank you! This needed to be said in the worst way!

I am in complete agreement with you. The complete lack of respect for fellow human beings is maddening. I am not a person that sets out to inflict harm or pain, be it emotional or physical, on another person. Quite the opposite. I have a very difficult time understanding people who continually disregard the feelings and beliefs of others.

By no means do I think we should all agree on every subject. The world would be incredibly boring if that were the case. I strongly believe that expressing oneself and beliefs is important, however, there is a line one must not cross. When self expression turns into a deliberate attack on a group of people, be it race or gender or whatever, it's time to examine what exactly this person's goal is. To express their opinion? No. The goal of attacking someone with whom you disagree on some level is satisfaction in causing that person pain.

It causes me great heartache to know that these people will not wake up and realize how much they've missed out due to silly misconceptions and preconcieved notions. And they will never know the pain they've inflicted to others that haven't hardened their heart against this type of prejudice.

I have come to appreciate and respect many of the members of this community, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to read their thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving Will!

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11/17/2005 5:28 pm


Proper Conduct! That's it in a nutshell. The problem here in AFFland is no different than out there... in the "real" world. There are those here who will be anti-social. It doesn't matter whether they exist in this realm or that other one. They are identical and they will "break" the rules and foist their beliefs and hostilities off onto anyone within range simply because they choose to do so. It won't ever end.

That's why God invented the ADVICE LINES Sheriff's Department. We, as enforcers of the "common good" can make that difference. We can point to the abuses (real abuses) which worm their slimy presence into the threads of the AD LINES. We can DOG those offensive individuals who prey upon the sensibilities of those others here. We can "police" the activities of the unseemly and sociopathic ones who would spread discord and in doing so, destroy the harmony of this place. We - members of the AFFland Sheriff's Dept - stand ready to repel those who should try to do just this.

Enlistment has begun and some have been sworn in. More will follow. Working together, there will be a brighter day for all here. The misfits and rebels will not prevail! The sanity of the many shall win out over the rantings of the few.

Gather hope from those who stand willing, within these halls of freedom. Wear your badge with honor and courage. Fight the good fight! Live free of that plague of darkness which oozes forth out of the mind of man. There are those among us who stand ready to inflict the pangs of justice upon those twisted ones. Live free of the veil of darkness which these few attempt to unfurl. Live free... or die trying - standing, side by side!

Your comrade in harm's way...

[SolarPowered0] (Sheriff: AL Badge #069)

My Thanks is given to those who stand!

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