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Klaus: FYI In the future I'm going to post info in here b4 my questions post. Hopefuly these posts will "flesh out" the question, frame it, and give those like yourself the missing thoughts that can't be included in the question without writing a BOOK!Lol I also encourage comments here on the blog ANYTIME ya wish to continue a thought from a dead thread.
I've always viewed the Survey method with more skepticism than most. You and I are well aware of the scientific method. Testing assumptions to prove the theory. I've personally taken exception to what I consider is an Assumption of Honesty in Survey Responses. Randomness of sampling has no correlation to Honesty. Asking someone if they answered honestly and getting an affirmative is hardly proof.
An example is surveys done in our public schools here in CA about students sexua activity and drug use. Everyone has concluded that the results of those surveys grossly "under report" the truth. Many reasons for that. And yes, teenagers vs adults, I know! Still my point remains when surveying adults. Sex is such a personal subject, a psychic landmine if you will, that I have reservations about the degree of honesty. Too many complicated reasons and emotions involved. Lots of motivation NOT to be honest or just modestly so. Assurances of anonymity don't overcome all of these objections. IMHO the key factor is Knowing you're participating in a Study. (I'm gonna have to write some articles I guess Lol)

To conclude: I wasn't thinking of You, hippie, and the other intelligent, informed, well read mag members. Most people don't read Kinsey and aren't going to even if you advised them to!! Agreed? What I find fascinating is that I've observed a higher level of Honesty from ALL mag members. I believe it's due to the freedom and safety provided by the web as a medium. People are more open and honest more consistently in the mag than we are in our Real lives. It's great! Quality of questions and responses aside for this discussion, the honesty level is extreme. ON THE WHOLE. There are exceptions! Where else but on the mag is some guy gonna post his pic and next to it a question that states " I have a little cock"!!!!! LMAO Saw it last night. Leave a comment anytime friend. I'm less interested in agreement than the exchange

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10/18/2005 11:46 pm

My ego does a little skippy thing when it reads my name in someone else's post... so it thanks you. If one were to conduct a survey of surveys, one might be tempted to conclude that the survey format is inherently flawed. It is and it isn't. It is inherently limited. But not inherently innacurate. Results are expressed as statistics, with a margin for error. This is not a truth, nor does it claim to be. It is extremely difficult to design a survey instrument- a questionnaire, for example, that does what you want it to do. Questions must be asked a certain way. All kinds of variables must be identified- anticipated and recorded along with the answers. These variables must be eliminated (controlled for) as potentially causing certain answers. The methodology must be scrutinized, and the conclusions subjected to rigorous peer review. Only in the most scholarly journals do they come close to doing all this (and more) well. Although I agree with you that in some cases here in AFFland people have been extremely honest, I don't know what that says except that it happens sometimes. It's a tautology. Sort of. I don't know when you find the time to blog, my plate is full just keeping up with the mag. And now this. It's 2:46 am.

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