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11/10/2005 4:58 pm

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For you young people; that's a reference to Desi Arnaz from the ....oh nevermind!

HAPPY to be Home! Buddy's Happy, All's right with the world. (for the moment) We went for a walk as soon as I got home! Been rolling around on the floor playing. Lol Gonna have to do something special for my neighbor!

I was very lucky on the flights back, 3-for-3, all window seats!!! Yessss!! Had a wonderful moment in Denver. A friend called me while I was on layover!!
So No more whining about my trip guys 'n gals. You're all off the hook!!Lol

I will say this: I have great respect for the people I met in 'n around Middlebury, IN. Solid, down to earth, Good people. Grounded! NICE people. Treated us Very well. Just a note to those not familiar with the area- a lot of Amish and menonite families in this area.
The company I visited was founded by a menonite and many of his family still work there! A major proportion of their production employess are Amish. Many of whom when not at work don't use power tools or have "phones" in there houses!!
HARD working folks. Amazing to watch!

Just wanted tp make a quick post now that I'm home. Have a lot of laundry to do, And Rest to catch up on!! Glad to be back Lol

funWus 56M/40F

11/13/2005 8:38 pm

Sooo happy you made it back safe! And I bet buddy has not left your side!!! And atleast you had a few momments that didn't have anything to do with your work..a little rest I guess. Happy your home hon. Be safe !! Be good..NOT. An just so you know..lol...I know who Lucy is LOL

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