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12/1/2005 6:23 am

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THE FIRST OF DECEMBER- Good day for beginnings! Today will be the first day at my new location. Wrote about my transfer earlier. 4 days this week to get acclimated at the new store.!!

Just spent my last 2 days off putting up X-mas lights 'n stuff. So today could be the Official beginning of the X-mas holiday for me! The lights 'n decorations sure help to get me in the Holiday spirit. Getting into "the spirit" was pretty difficult for a few years! This year is looking good!

Beginning the countdown to the New Year!! Now that's really about new beginnings! Especially this year! Wonder if I'll make any "resolutions" for the New Year!! hmmmmm

OH, the hair removal lotion..?? thought you'd never ask.!! Lol Funny how much we complain about reading the same questions over 'n over 'n..... on the Ad Lines in the Mag.! Shaving is of course one of the repetitive ones.Lol Honestly NEVER gave it a thought before I joined this site!! In the spirit of new beginnings I picked up some lotion when I was shopping for new X-mas lights the other day. Just did a Test!! LMAO Not even sure if I'll like the results IF I go ahead with a more extensive application. Just feeling a little experimental. Effect of those repetitive questions. New beginnings. All that stuff!

ps: If the lotion doesn't work?...End of experiment! This is ABSOLUTELY a "NO RAZOR Zone" !!!

Singlechick25 36F

12/1/2005 4:37 pm

Experiments can be good lol! After reading all the damn posts on the mag even I picked up a new razor while I was browsing the body wash. I haven't tried it yet. Still sitting in the package It's one of those vibrating razors?! Apparently when my hand shakes that isn't the same kind of "vibration."

Lucky lotion.....

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