MOVING DAY....JOY AND............??? (sorrow)????....  

WillSatisfyU56 60M
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11/27/2005 7:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

MOVING DAY....JOY AND............??? (sorrow)????....

IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON.......Been waiting for months!!! FINALLY......THE DAY is HERE!!!

Last day at my current job. My position for the last 5 1/2 yrs. Woohoo, Yeah Baby!, Can you feel it?!, unh hunh, unh hunh, Yeah!! (good thing you can't see the silly dance moves I just made in the living room!!) LMAO So Yes, a lot of joy for the change. I put in for this "Transfer" last August, maybe late July?! Been a while anyway!! That's right, I said Transfer. I'm not changing jobs or companies. I'm changing Location!! Still, it's a Big change. A VERY Positive Change!
Too complicated to bore you with details but....
1. Brand new $10 million facility.(opened 7/05)
2. Shorter commute by at least 20 min.
3. Store located in the largest "growth" area
for the next 5-7 yrs.
4. Better Organized, Motivated, and Effective Management.
5. Larger Inventory.

Most Importantly~ A Positive, forward looking, Can do, Get the job Done Attitude!!!
THAT is where I NEED TO BE!!!!

Several Positive, Important, events in My life happening between Now and the start of the New Year!! Combined they make 2006 the MOST ANTICIPATED NEW YEAR in memory!!

Getting kinda anxious for it to Freakin' Get Here!! ROTFLMAO


Singlechick25 36F

11/27/2005 2:06 pm

Sorrow's for Sissies!! LMAO Congratulations on the transfer and even more importantly the improved emotional environment!! With your positive attitude and excitement I have no doubt that things will turn out the way you want.

themisskrissy 56F
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11/27/2005 4:03 pm

i am happy for ya Will!!! good luck!!!

ps..remember to be extra attentive to your dog(s?).. moving can be very stressful for our beloved 4 legged frineds...


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