To the ladies I have loved from AFF  

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4/25/2006 9:25 am

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To the ladies I have loved from AFF

M: Our nights together were fabulous, only wish there could have been more. Your lips, your tongue and your energy are true gifts to any man. I hope you realize how truly wonderful you are. Thank you, for 'indulging' me. Perhaps one day you can wrap those sweet booted legs around me again May your life be truly blessed.

D: Our one night was incredible. I could have eaten you until my jaw fell off, I must say you had the sweetest pussy that I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. I wish our schedules had been better and we could've have done it again (and again and again....) I wish you nothing but happiness in your future.

L: What a fun weekend. Truly a shame that we lived so far apart. Our passions got the better of us, luckily the rabbit lived. Hope all is well with you.

S: You embody all the reasons that men love older women. Fun, vibrant and incredibly sexy. The time we spent togther was not nearly long enough- but alas we both had to get back to our regular lives. I still have clear memories of waking up and seeing your smiling face that last morning- it is a true shame that vacation had to end. I'am glad we got to spend it together. I hope your life has brought you all you wished for.

G: Hot, sexy and wild. A true redhead. I ended up paying to replace the bed in the cabin, but it was worth it. I'am glad that we have remained friends to this day. You are a truely beautiful lady with a spirit as wild and free as ever.

L: A true friend and fabulous lover. I'am thrilled that you have found your one- he is a good man. I suppose from the start we were destined to be friends. I know with you as my friend I will never be alone.

K&E: You two introduced me to wonders I had never imagined. In fact I think my toes are still curled from that weekend. See you next week.

A: My 'wicked lady'. Your imagination is fabulous, your legs are incredible and your beauty is indescribable by mortals. The location of your 'secret' room is safe with me. I will also see you next week. You will Love 'R' she truly is the love of my life.

R: My love. The woman I shall spend the rest of my life with.

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