My job is to keep her off of the stripper pole!!!!  

Wildthing79510 48F
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6/15/2006 8:38 pm

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2/11/2007 3:14 pm

My job is to keep her off of the stripper pole!!!!

Hi everyone! I hope your night is going well....I am so damn glad it's almost Friday!! It's been one of THOSE weeks....ya know what I'm talking about. A week of Mondays...feel like I am the star of Groundhog Day, with bad crap every day. But, such is life huh?

I'm trying my damndest to stay awake through Game 4 of the finals. Crossing every body part I can for Miami to win this thing too! Watching Dwyane Wade is absolutely beautiful. He is the epitome of athleticism and grace and STYLE. Not to mention, a damn good role model for my daughter to watch.

Which brings me to a thought...who would you use as a role model for your children? I spend most of my time wanting Megann to be her own person and emulate herself. I love her irregardless of her choices. However, being a parent, I pray to God she stays out of prison and off of the stripper's pole. Beyond that, I can't ask for a whole lot more huh?

We spend so many years trying to bring our dreams to fruition for our the last of it, what will we feel? Relief as they go into the wild world on their own? Sadness as we see the empty nest? Pride for what they've accomplished? Fear for what they must face?

Well, I've rattled on long enough I'm sure. To each of you who stopped by, thanks! Take Care of yourself and those you hold dear.


SirMounts 102M

6/16/2006 1:15 am

Superman. *admiring self in mirror* lol
Welcome to blogging, Missy. *smiling*

siamsammy135 46M
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6/16/2006 9:30 am

since my son is but four years old...i can only imagine what is to come. however, i remember clearly the tears from my mother and sister as i left home for texas. it seemed painful for them, but i think that is part of being emotional as many women are.

i'm sure your daughter will be wonderful one her own when the time comes if you have given her the support and love that she needs and allow her to feel the belief and trust you have in her. cherios...g'day

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