Lost cells of knowledge  

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12/31/2005 9:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lost cells of knowledge

We struggle
searching for something that's
already found us

the more we look and search
the more
it seems to evade us

Impossible concentration...

I walked in on her
and asked...

What are you doing
w/your hand
on your breast /
in your nest ?

she said "I'm going within"

in Search of Lost Cells
of Knowledge

something remembered
I know it well, so familiar

Moist hair down there...
in curls,

swollen lips...

thighs slippery & wet

as her cunt gripped me
like a warm
friendly hand.

I know what you want
you want ecstasy
desire & dreams
you want


I touched her thigh
and she smiled,
as my hands
wrap around her buttocks,
soft, round & warm
she pressed against me...
her face into my chest
hard & brown
smelling me... like an animal

looking up at me her eyes ask
who are you?

as I revealed to her...

I am an infinite
compilation of experiences
bending and molding


creating as the dream
becomes reality

I am a Universe
in one

take my hand...

my wild love

I seek to know you

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