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9/30/2005 8:05 pm

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This week's list

I forgot to do one earlier this week, forgive the tardiness.

Though I don't yet get paid to do it, I consider myself something of a stand-up comedian. I do amatuer nights and open mics around the area in the hopes of getting hired on to do opening gigs for actual money. I'll let you in on an industry secret. Any comic who tells you they're completely original is full of shit. Everyone has a style, but it is always influenced by those that came before. So with that in mind:

My Top 10 Comic Influences (or just favorites)

1. Denis Leary
2. George Carlin
3. Andy Kaufman
4. Richard Pryor
5. Lenny Bruce
6. Adam Sandler
7. Phyllis Diller
8. Ron White
9. Lewis Black
10. Rodney Dangerfield

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