My first AFF date  

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10/18/2005 8:55 pm

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My first AFF date

Disclaimer: Anyone tuning in to read a detailed sex story can stop right here.

This evening I had the distinct pleasure to meet the lovely UtterlyLuscious for the first time. If she couldn't tell how nervous I was, then I played it well. If she could tell, then she at least didn't let on, and I thank her for that. The nerves associated with a first meeting, plus the caffeine jolt of three huge mugs of hot tea makes one quite jittery.

When she entered the cafe where we agreed to meet, I was instantly taken aback by how beautiful she actually was. She greeted me with a "hey stranger," and sat down next to me.

What followed was a sexual experience I had never had before; a frank, honest discussion about sexuality in and of itself, with no shyness, no taboos, no worries that we might be overheard. It was sublime. We happen to live in a section of New York State that is decidedly conservative (my high school only taught sex ed at minimum by state mandate), where sex is looked upon as a sin, rather than the beautiful pleasureable act it is. With that in mind, it was just so refreshing to have an open conversation about our respective love/sex lives, without any reservations or shame, and even be able to laugh at some points.

We then went across the street to a little sushi bar she happened to know and like. I was game, since that area of the city of Rochester is basically foreign to me. I hadn't been there since high school, and even then, I was basically confined to one or two buildings, and never got a chance to get a feel for the place. We had a small bite to eat (the only real sushi I had ever had, delicious), and continued our wonderful conversation. Being quite wordly, she taught me the proper method for the chopsticks, which I had only learned once, several years ago, and forgot. Even with my hands very shaky with nerves and caffeine, I was able to handle it.

Does this sound like a high school date? Yeah, kinda, but who cares? It was fun. People like UtterlyLuscious are the reason I joined this site. Yes, I want sex, obviously, but I also want to meet and connect with truly interesting and exotic people, and I did that tonight. She's a wonderfully intelligent and exciting person, not to mention the fact that my jaw dropped upon seeing her (she REALLY lives up to her screenname).

I hope to be graced by her presence again sometime very soon.

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