It's good to go (halfway) home  

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3/11/2006 2:25 pm

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It's good to go (halfway) home

I just got back to CT after a 24 hour vacation. Last night, after I finished work (and watched Syracuse pull out another squeaker over Georgetown), I hit the road for Albany (congrats on winning the America East, enjoy your first Dance).

My family is heavily active in the American Legion. My mother and sister hold offices at the Wayne County, NY level of the Auxiliary, my step-father is a state-level committeeman in both the Legion and the Sons of the Legion, and even I'm the County Historian for the SAL, at least until the end of the administrative year in July. Today, their organizational activities took them to Albany for the state finals of the Legion's High School Oratorical Contest.

I spent last night in a hotel, which was great, if nothing else than because I had a bed. Since I've moved, I've been sleeping on my futon mattress (couldn't fit the frame in my old truck, and can't afford a bed thanks to the car situation) on the floor of my bedroom. This morning, I reunited with my parents for the first time since I moved two months ago. We had some breakfast, loaded my car with some boxes I left behind on the first trip, then set out for a local middle school for the competition.

My step-father was the official escort for one of the contestants, from our county, who had won at the county, district, and zone level. She was one of five finalists, guaranteed at least a $2000 scholarship. The students were to speak for 8-10 mins. about a prepared topic, relating to the U.S. Constitution, followed by a 3-5 min. speech on a pre-selected, random topic relating to the Constitution.

Our girl went first. She wasn't bad, but she wasn't great. She made a few contradictory points, and didn't have all her facts straight. She finished fourth, a crime as far as the local delegation was concerned (my parents, the local post sponsers, etc. had her scored as second, I had her third).

After the competition, we went out for a quick lunch at Arby's (a delicacy in most parts of upstate NY). Then we said our goodbyes and hit the road in opposite directions. I was tempted to head down to NYC to see the Big East Championship game at MSGarden, since Syracuse somehow made it. But in the end I thought better of it, decided to save what money I had, and headed back to CT. On the way home I killed my throat by singing along to my Beatles CD (cause my new car has a CD player, YAY!) and smoking the Stoagie that Doc gave me at the Meet and Greet Thrusday night.

I haven't unpacked my car yet, cause my roommate was back from his Spring Break cruise with his girlfriend and was washing his car in the driveway. I'll take care of that (and my laundry) later tonight, probably while I'm watching the Syracuse game, and working on my non-blog writing.

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