I had such high hopes for the day, too.  

WildWon1982 34M
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2/25/2006 9:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I had such high hopes for the day, too.

We've all had those days when every single thing possible can go wrong. This was one of them.

1) No money - My paychecks usually come on Thursday nights in the mail. I've signed up for direct deposit, but that takes a few weeks. For whatever reason, my employers, or the post office, decided I was not entitled to pay this week. I've had a couple checks delayed until Friday, but still nothing today. Since I have to work Monday, and can't be here to wait for the mail, I will have no money till at least Tuesday.

2) Thrown out of strip club - Not really thrown out, but nearly had the cops called on me and left in disgust. I went back to Rock Star this week, mostly to see if the same girl I had last week was there. Instead, a very forceful woman dragged me in for a dance. I didn't refuse, cause she was hot, and she had already started before I could get a word in. After she was done, she demanded $25. This struck me as odd, since I only paid $5 for a dance at the same club last week. I should have sensed something was amiss when I got charged a cover at the door (also didn't happen last time). After arguing with the bouncer, cause I only had $15 in cash on me and not enough in the bank to use the ATM, I allowed him to hit my credit card for the money, in lieu of them calling the police and arresting me for Petty Larceny. Let's just say I'm never going there again. I didn't even get to finish my $5 beer.

3) Car died - As I was attempting to leave the club, I was solicited by a hooker. Had I money, and not been pissed as hell, I might have considered it, cause God knows I need to get laid (1 year, 2 months, 25 days and counting of involuntary celibacy). Instead, my goal was to get out of the tight parking lot I was in. The hooker was nice enough to help guide my car around another one, but I wasn't taking any chances. It looked like I was going to hit the rear bumper of the car next to me, even though she said I was clear. I put it in reverse, to try to crank the wheel one more time, but I don't move. Since it was a dirt parking lot, I figured I was stuck. However, some guys who were also trying to leave, said I was not stuck, and that, in fact, my transmission had just dropped Reverse. I put the car in neutral, and the guys pushed me back enough so that I could pull out of the parking lot. As I was heading back to Waterbury, the engine rumbled very loudly, and just as I re-entered the city, on Route 69, the transmission completely failed. Car DOA. It's currently parked in an empty strip mall. A guy saw me breaking down, and gave me a ride home, thankfully, cause the last thing I needed tonight was to have to walk 5 miles to get home.

What a lovely fucking day this turned out to be. I get to spend tomorrow walking to the nearest car dealership (since my roommate will be out of town all day), and beg for a used car that I can drive off the lot that day, with no down payment, and somehow accept my dead car as a trade. And if that doesn't work, I get to figure out a way to get to Bristol and back for work on Monday.

frogger1995 39F

3/1/2006 4:12 pm

I guess this site isn't working for you

But think of all you DO have to be grateful for.

1) A couple of years ago you didn't even have a job
2) At least you didn't go to jail
3) There were kind people to help you out.

I know! I know...sometime we just want to vent and I ruined it. Feel free to delete my preaching.

WildWon1982 34M

3/2/2006 8:46 am

Actually, I don't delete anything. Thankfully, the biggest situation is about 24 hours away from being resolved. I'll post again when it is. And believe me, Keeping those three things you mentioned in mind is what kept me from going completely batshit insane.

As for the site not working for me, basically yeah, but there's an element of fun in the attempt, whether or not it's successful.

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