Comparing apples to lemons  

WildWon1982 34M
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3/11/2006 2:41 pm
Comparing apples to lemons

Now that I've been driving it for a week, the time has come to truly analyze the deal I got when I was forced to buy a new vehicle. So here's the list that I've compiled so far, of what my new car has, that my old truck didn't.

Safety stuff:
Crumple zone
Automatic door locks
Anti-theft device
Dual Airbags (the truck didn't even have one)
Anti-lock brakes (so that's why the brakes didn't lock)

The little (yet important to me) things:
CD Player - My truck had a tape deck, with a busted door on it, so I never attempted to play a tape, for fear that it would get eaten. Also, the radio has much better reception, and the clock is accurate.
Cupholders - It may not sound like much, but it really is important. For the last eight months, I've had to use one of those fast food carboard carriers, set down in the passenger seat, in order to have a drink in the truck.
Air Conditioning/Heater - The truck had each of these, but none of the vents worked, except for the one in the center of the console, under the radio. Also, it took at least 25 minutes to warm up the truck this winter, and even longer to clear frost off the windshield. With the new car, it's instant.
Daytime Running Lamps - Just makes my life easier, especially when I'm driving between buildings at work right around sunset.
Remote Car Locks - Now that I have a vehicle worth locking, it's really convenient. Also, the remote opens the trunk.
Spare Tire - The truck had a compartment over the left rear wheel for a spare tire, but all that was in it was a rusty jack, no tire. The new car has a compartment in the trunk, complete with tire and jack.
Inside Light - There was a light in the truck, but it was never on. The electrical connection was severed some time ago. Also, this light has switches to shine lights on the driver and passenger side

Now it's not all great. There are a couple things I don't like about it.
No Cruise Control - For a car that gets such great acceleration (especially for an automatic), it should have cruise control. But the truck didn't have that either, so it's not like I've given that up.
Seat Belt Alarm - I know it's important to wear a seat belt, especially with an airbag. However, when I'm driving between buildings at work, we're talking two blocks at 10 mph, I feel no need to wear one. The car disagrees, and beeps very loudly every 30 seconds until I fasten.

All in all, I really came out on top, especially since I didn't have a choice when it came time to get this vehicle. My mom put it best. "Every time you fall into shit, you come out smelling like roses."

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