Coming out of the shell  

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10/25/2005 8:30 pm

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Coming out of the shell

I get crazy at times, especially when drunk (it's the fun kind of crazy, don't worry). I joke, I laugh, I say weird things, I have fun. Other times, I'm fairly straight-laced. I am the epitome of the average Joe (even though my name's Bill). One of the reasons I joined this site was to explore my sexuality, experiment, and develop bedroom skills to make me a better lover.

In my short time on this planet, I've only learned a few things about myself, sexually:
1. I'm not gay, nor in any way sexually interested in men.
2. I love tits. Big, small, firm, or floppy, I love me some titties.
3. I don't like watching anal in porno.
4. Peeing and pooping is for the bathroom, not the bedroom.

That's about all I know. However, even though I haven't learned much, I've at least gotten to the point where I've become much more curious, beginning to question certain things, wanting to try new things.

1. I used to think tongue studs were the most retarded thing in the world. Who would honestly pay to have steel shot through your tongue? But then I met a lovely lady last week who happened to have something of a Y-shaped one, like two bolts on top, joining one underneath. The moment I saw that, my mind started racing. I wanted to feel those little studs inside my mouth, and on my cock. I was even able to pleasure myself later thinking only of that.
2. Anal. Like I said, I don't like it in porn, especially if it's interracial. You do the math, and you'll come up with the mental image I usually come up with. However, nowadays, I find myself wanting to try it. I even have a willing partner, should I ever get the capability to get to her. I may find out I hate it, but I certainly want to try, whereas a few years ago, the image from the porn would be enough to keep me away.
3. Tattoos. I was never for or against tattoos, but I've been able to see some really good ones, some really bad ones, and use one for sperm target practice (small of her back). For a while, I thought that a few were sexy, but a bunch wasn't. But then I saw one of my favorite shows last night, and the chick of the week was a gothic Satanic chick, who had tons of them (I know they were fake) all over her body, and she was dead sexy. And there were scenes when she was in something similar to lingerie, others a tank top and shorts, but the tattoos were what made her extra-sexy, so I don't know where I stand.

Basically, I need a teacher right now. I need sexual guides, to help me along the journey, so I can answer these and other questions.

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