Anybody wanna do anything?  

WildWon1982 34M
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3/17/2006 9:36 pm

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3/26/2006 7:27 am

Anybody wanna do anything?

I'm bored out of my mind and alone this weekend. Any ideas? Bars to go to? Movies worth seeing? Restaurants to blow $20 at? Pornos to rent?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

NSAAddict 42F

3/18/2006 11:55 am

Hey Wild, I have no real suggestions, haven't gone to the movies in awhile, most of the bars are same old same, and as for porn, all I can say is beware mighty heraphrodite... lol. Good luck! NSA

MWWwantsmore 51F

3/19/2006 5:35 pm

All I know is I ended up at an Irish Pub Friday night in downtown Waterbury, what a night!

frogger1995 39F

3/25/2006 5:25 am

Why not do all 4 at once...pornos and bars, nothin' better baby!

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