Am I a necro?  

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10/28/2005 6:26 pm

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Am I a necro?

Disclaimer: I'm not seriously asking this question, more of a joke, but this really did happen. Take it with a grain of salt.

I'm one who remembers my dreams quite vividly most of the time. If you want proof, see one of my earliest posts, entitled "My Brain is a Fucking Cock Tease."

I dream about sex almost nightly, and the details are usually very specific. I can feel the penetration, taste the pussy, feel the lips and tongue that kiss me. Last night's dream, however, was very disturbing, just in time for Halloween I guess.

The dream itself was pretty normal. I was dating a lovely young girl. I had just gotten off work, and met her at her job, then we walked around town for a bit, found a secluded area in the woods, and the magic began, so to speak. As usual, I ate some pussy, and had a little penetration. The dream was going quite well, until I saw the face of the girl I was with. She was a girl I crushed on in high school. And I do mean, high school only, as she was killed in a car crash my junior year. I even remember saying her name in the dream, so I know it wasn't some random girl my brain made up that resembled her. It was this girl. The image was so disturbing that I woke myself up, even though I wasn't having a nightmare per se.

How fucking weird is that? I dreamed about fucking a girl who's been dead for nearly 7 years. At least it was an image of how I remember her, instead of, say, her decaying corpse, but good God that freaked me out. My brain's pretty solid, and my imagination pretty active, but to dream about her. What the hell?

I think I'm starting to have some sort of fucked up John Edward thing going on. I dream about my dead grandmother at least once a month, and she talks to me, knowing she's dead, it's not like reliving an old memory. And now this to go on top of it? I shudder.

Maybe it's because it's Halloween, maybe it's because I haven't been laid in almost a year and my brain's run out of normal, everyday people to fantasize about, but I gotta tell you, I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. I'm afraid I'll have the dream again. And I'm not afraid of any scare factor within, I'm afraid I'll enjoy it.

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