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12/12/2005 9:15 am

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A request

I want to ask a little favor of all the people who view my profile.

Please contact me. As a guy on a non-pay account, this is my only real means of initiating contact, with the rare exception of the gold/silver that allows me to contact them. Every once in a while, I check my home page, and see that some people have looked at my profile, most of them extremely attractive. However, cause I don't fork over $30 a month, I can't talk to these people, even to ask them if they liked what they saw. So here's the request. If you view my profile, I ask that you send a little note along, even if it's to say, "hey, saw the profile, not interested." I'd rather be rejected, than in flux.

Even better would be if you just asked questions, clarifications, etc. I only update the thing about once every three months, so things, opinions, interests can change without me making note of it.

And now, to use what little initiative power I have, in the hope that one or more will notice, here's the women that I see, but can't necessarily contact, who I'd like to get with, in no particular order:

UtterlyLuscious: If you ever come back. Enjoyed meeting you, want a whole lot more.
kuriousqt73: You know where I stand with you. The moment I'm in a financial state to do it, I'm coming to your door, and you better have the energy to keep up.
1973GAL: Read your blog, love your stories, would love to inspire more.
likes_it_rough02: Same as above. Love the stories, want to make one.
butterflygirl18: A Catholic school girl. I nearly cum just thinking about it.
bkportqt: You just look very sexy in them glasses.
CaseyGirl: You say you want an older man to guide you. How much older, and what sort of guidance? I can provide both.
1sexyDD: You live up to your sn.
my_naughty_side: Curious to see what your curious about.
swedishtops: Very lovely breasts.
fuckthishotpussy: How can I ignore a request like that?
chaos2246: I can be a buddy, and consider this a pic request.
CanYouHandleit54: I certainly hope I get the chance. Who doesn't love a busty redhead, aside from the blind of course.
steenamarie: I'm not married.
greeneyedangel4u: If you're that beautiful from the back, I can't imagine how good you look from the front.

And that's just what I found on my cupid list and five minutes of browsing. If for some ungodly reason any of these fine women actually read my blog, or if I show up on your lists, just drop a line, it's all I ask, even to say, "fuck you, you ugly bastard." Hopefully, it'll be a bit more promising, but I'll take what I can get, cause like I said, I'd rather be rejected than be in flux. I got nothing to lose.

kuriousqt73 43F

12/12/2005 5:18 pm

you better not forget you owe me a meeting..

WildWon1982 34M

12/12/2005 7:43 pm

I should have some cash coming in a couple days. What are your plans for the next few days? Might finally be able to set something up.

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