Your eyes are closed...  

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12/20/2005 12:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Your eyes are closed...

Your eyes are closed
The room is dark and warm
You are naked.. sitting on the floor
You can feel the excitement in your body
Your breasts so soft
Nipples hard and tingling
That funny feeling in your stomach
Excitement, energy, electric
Between your legs
You are swollen
Pushing out reaching
On fire
Your mind clouds over
You are the very persona of sensuality
You are the definition of feeling
You are the very essence of love
You are there to give
That is your meaning
That is your essence
That is your being
That is what you crave

Without giving you find your spirit empty
You are the very embodiment of sexuality
You feel far greater
You feel far deeper
Your total energy is sexual fire
Your giving is your energy
Your nurturing is your fire
Your inner freedom is the need to give of yourself
However and whenever matters not

In your daily role you think you have control
But at night when your intellect is sleeping
You feel the truth of whom you are
Denial in the day
At night in your dreams you become
You can hide and you can deny
But it is there deep within
It can’t be found in your head
Only felt from deep within
When you connect with what you feel
Between your legs and within your heart
The life energy talking to you
The whisper will then you hear
Not loud like the ego voice
Just simple and humble it will be

This great power that dwells within
Needs containment and control
Because it’s not found from within
You kneel before him tonight
Feeling your body full of fire
With a touch of his hand
The fire burns brighter
With a look from his loving eyes
Your need to be controlled is softly satisfied
He whispers in your ear
Tells you what to do
Your mind is turned off
There is no thought

On your hands and knees your breasts hang low
On fire in the glow
A brisk breeze you feel behind you
From his breath and command
All you know is to feel
At this moment time ceases to be
You realize from deep within your womb
That this is the fullness of the pure woman that you are
No thought
No control
Only to give and serve
To be the epitome of sensual delight
Where you whole body is alive
Where all there is to exist
Is to feel the fire and be alive
To be the highest creative form there is
You feel your total sexual energy
To keep it alive
To keep away the thoughts
That crush the ability to feel
That is what a woman is
That is why you find spiritual fulfillment
That is why deep down in your soul
You find your fulfillment when you serve

But if you think to much,
You will never find the inner depth of your being…
Only the intellect mythos of the Western programming...
So step away

Step away my dear and put away your thoughts
Embrace your feeling from deep within
let your feelings surround you
Let your Feelings overwhelm you
Let your feelings free you from your thoughts...

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