Tea for the Tillerman...  

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Tea for the Tillerman...

A tillerman is the person who sits at the back of the boat (usually a smaller boat) that controls the tiller giving direction to the direction or path of the boat based upon the directions of the captain. A tillerman is also the name of the person who steers the second part of an articulated bus, fire truck, etc... Again this person is following the directions or path given by the captain or driver.

Cat Stevens album, Tea for the Tillerman is also an interesting work. It includes aspects of young vs. old, about a young man that rejects contemporary beliefs in search for a better belief and significance in life... about a woman who cannot really run her own life and suggests that she gives control of her life over to him... this is rejected and she go on to the edge of total breakdown and psychosis (interesting note here is that she eventually does allow another to have control of her life and she becomes quite healthy... real story).

In the older days in England and the colonies, Tea was a time to basically chill out... it can be used for contemplation, for social interaction, for relaxing and taking time out... in fact it became a well know tradition of the English... although usually associated with pomp and ceremony. Not so much today, it is still a basic part of many peoples lives, both within and without England and English culture.

Tea for the Tillerman... within my musing with a cup of tea or coffee... between my ranting and musings and internal thoughts of life... the world passes by. War goes on, anger and narrow minded people is the call for the day... are we any more civilized then the Romans or any other time in history? We call ourselves the great kingdom on earth... reaching out to other countries... We know better we cry out... just before we kill them... Ours is a better way, as we tax our own citizens into poverty and carry out injustice to imprison those who disagree with our greater christian beliefs... there is no victim... but we don't care, you go to jail. But we tell the world how better we are than they are... our justice system is more fair (not), our democracy is better (popular vote has no meaning), our religion is better than yours... one thing is true though... we are better at hiding our own greed and injustice and corruption.

Tea for the Tillerman....

What we are doing is wrong, what we think is wrong, even our beliefs are wrong, just look around.... nobody will ever admit it... LMAO the ego cannot ever be wrong because you will then feel shame and guilt... it is far better to be right and blame others and deny what is in front of our face than to admit we are wrong... we must rationalize always that we are right... that we are righteously holy in what we think and we will go so far as killing everybody in order to maintain our illusion of righteousness within our own image and mind...

Tea for the Tillerman...

Here in the US especially, we are isolated from the world, we develop our own thought process where we think we are right as well as better than others... there is little outside influence because we are isolated from other cultures while other cultures that grow within our land and ends up conforming to the mind-think that permeates the American culture.... adding dysfunction to dysfunction... closing our minds tighter and tighter suppressing outside critical independent thought... support the status quo at all cost... ALL HAIL THE EGO for it's survival is more important than life itself... yet the ego is nothing more than a pdo intellect that overshadows the true mind, that captures and subjugates the soul to it's own darkness to ensure that it survives... even if it pushes you to the brink of psychosis… IT WILL SURVIVE!

One could go so far as to say that the EGO is the tillerman who has come to ignore the captain (soul) of the ship (the inner spirit of humankind...)individually and collectively. Yet, even with this understanding we defend the attitudes we have come to know and think we like… feminism, masculineism, equality in various forms, liberalism, conservative-ism, pop psychology, and even so called mainstream psychology (only mainstream because everybody agrees upon the same dysfunctional concepts, New Ageism… religion-ism, being spiritual within yourself (which is usually based upon a combination of the previous -isms).

Tea for the Tillerman...

Would you like a cup of tea??????

Anybody that thinks outside of the norm shall be severely punished for thinking differently… support the status quo… or be decried and incarcerated. That is what happened to Socrates as well as Plato and many others who thought independently.

Not what you wanted to hear in a sex form is it? But it will eventually tie in… be patient please.

Sure you won’t have a cup?

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