Confession of the girl next door. A.K.A. Nosy Rosy  

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3/18/2006 5:35 pm

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Confession of the girl next door. A.K.A. Nosy Rosy

Yes I admit it I have almost become the equivalent of the little old lady who is constantly being the "Nosy Rosy" that haunts many a street. I've always been curious that hasn't dimmed with the years all that much, but since I moved into this busy city (especially compared to cows & corn) I've found a new guilty habit..Watching my neighbors, but in all fairness now I haven't resorted to peeking in windows because that is a whole different line.

I quickly realized though while we were moving furniture in that this was different than what I was used to as I turned around to see a few guys with beers in their hands watching the activity with subtle interest..The good old sizing the new neighbor up routine which isn't such an issue when your nearest neighbor is three miles away, but apparently it can be quite the event on a warm moving day in the city

Later on as I got settled in I began to get used to all of the sights and sounds of being an average of five feet away from my neighbors..Trying to combat my insomnia I began to go sit on my front porch at all hours because once that television goes on, or I check on here I am wide awake with no hope of entry to dreamland. I find a nice summer night with a light breeze can really relax a person except when I found out everything that goes on in the night. You can tell when the bar/club scene closes because it picks up a bit before two while everyone tries to make their way. This of course brought to light the fact that I live around several 13 steppers as I affectionately call them so you can tell when the party is over as they drag themselves home to catch a few hours before work claims them once again. Then there is the antisocial secretive drinkers, and the late night booty calls that I try to respectfully not visibly notice.

It brought up a flare of imagination like when I was a child, and everything had a world beyond what I saw on the surface..I went about bringing color to these new people instantly while noticing the difference in these daydreams since I've been on here Before I came to know that there was actually three different "places" to live at my left all I saw was a total of 4 people coming and going from one house two guys to the two ladies. All fairly attractive with a slight age difference my mind played with the possibilities until I settled on "The Orgy House" this one hung on especially once I was properly introduced to the incredibly charismatic homeowner one stormy night when I answered a knock, and saw him through the door beer in hand drenched from running over in the rain. This I later learned was a bit of an after work storm ritual of mowing the grass..without a tight and of course sweaty..I'd be lying if I said I didn't peek at that, or open the blinds when I hear that mower start if I decide not to be completely obvious by sitting out watching him while fantasizing..(I am only human after all ) Then starting the bar-b-que up as the storm clouds gather trying to finish it as the raindrops fell from the sky. Usually conceding to the garage for this strange tipsy dinner party of sorts.

I soon came to know him better when I would make a way for me to have to go outside for some unimportant task, and I would see C in his yard talking in between gulps of beer to the neighbor behind me J at which point he would call me over to join them. We got along pretty well exchanging jokes, stories of work, and the occasional sexual innuendos. I happily obliged enjoying this whole neighbor thing, and I would wander over there about every weekend. Then about a month after I turned 21 he helped me to fully usher in the occasion with my first trip to a bar..Resulting in the first time I felt the earth move, or more appropriately understanding that whole the room is spinning trick. It all worked well until their significant others began to take offense to being friendly with the neighbor girl so to keep them comfortable I toned it down. Last thing I needed was a jealous gf/wife with a good imagination who would think I was holding fuck me parties every time I chat with a guy.

Besides the fact that the one household I thought I was moving in next door to which turned out to be 3 separate residences I think I made out pretty well all in all. I've seen several tenants come and go each bringing their own flurry of activity, but the drunk guy in the back was more entertaining as I saw him climb out his window several times because in his words he couldn't seem to get the door open Where the usually drunken drama group in the other seemed to turn more ugly with each drink, and got the attention of most of the street for all the wrong reasons with 2:30 in the morning being their target time of proper inebriation to become this extremely loud foul mouthed circus act. J got lost a time or two ending up on my porch until he could find his way back across the alley to home, but considering his tough times at that point I showed him in the right direction letting it slide while looking to see he made it back.

Then the slightly antisocial blue collar drinkers who I see tote in a case of beer weekly after which the empty box appears on their porch in a couple of days, but I didn't really speculate on the fact that it was two guys that rarely had any visitors..I later found out they are family as well as being quiet in general however they will always be termed the "aliens" not because of any racial line, but because of how lonely they seemed coupled with the facts that they have camera's set up to record around their house not to mention that I haven't been able to strike up a conversation with them beyond three words since I moved in..Besides it sounded much better than covert C.I.A. operatives gone rogue and paranoid, or two boring guys that have good taste in music with no conversational skills. I imagined they were waiting for their home planet to send a rescue mission based on the signal they send from their satellite dish (Yeah I know..being able to entertain yourself is an invaluable tool although sometimes it doesn't translate to the world in general)

The clown house I can see from my porch most nights is named for how many people manage to go into such a small house..I honestly have no idea where they put them all, but all I can figure is there must be a huge basement as well as a couple of bunk beds. It started as a curiosity as to why there was only one man with several women, and then a bunch of little ones.. I figured him as more of the knight on a white horse trying to rescue every damsel in distress, but I'm now more apt to think it is a extended family situation. I'm not really curious enough to actually find out plus I have more fun letting my mind roam..It's one of the most harmless forms of entertainment I've found, and free ways to entertain oneself can be useful.

Definitely quite a change from mooing, corn rustling, and combines, but I have to wonder occasionally if the jump of the blinds across the way has somebody wondering these very thoughts about me..Wouldn't that figure

WildChild5884 32F

3/20/2006 9:07 pm

mzhunyhole I'm glad to know I'm not the only one

Thank you that definitely means a lot coming from one of my favorite bloggers I'm glad you stopped by.

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