Adult Friend Finder Fantasy!  

WildAction5 54M
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12/13/2005 10:38 pm

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4/5/2006 10:02 pm

Adult Friend Finder Fantasy!

Finally, a lady inquired about my profile and sent me a message about meeting. Starving for the attention of a beautiful woman, I replied. Her handle "RED HEAT" was all I need to know!

"RED" described herself as a redhead, 5'8 around 140lbs. She also mentioned that she carried a pair 34 DD's with large aereols and extra sensitive nipples. She would be in Houston for 2 weeks on business and was wanting the intimate company of a man for a few afternoons while in town.

We exchanged e-mail addresses. RED would send me a message once she arrived. We would then meet at a local resturant, for lunch, just to feel each other out and see if we would mutually pursue our carnal thirsts. On a the first Tuesday in July, I received a message from RED that she was in town. In the message she gave me her cell number. I called her the next day and told her to meet me at a local Tex Mex downtown for lunch. As I stood outside the resturant waiting, I saw this beautiful redhead with a large chest come my way. From the smile I saw on her face as she caught my stare, I knew RED and WILD would be busting a few matress springs. We had a great lunch, speaking about our backgrounds, our marriages, interests, and our careers. No mention was made about "each others clothes" off, but I knew there was absolute chemistry flowing accross the table.

We arranged to meet at her hotel room the next afternoon after I left work. I had to pre-arrange a bit of overtime at work for the next few days.

The next day I stopped by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of Chardonay and a few snacks. While sitting in traffic, RED gave me call on my cell to make sure I was still coming. "No problem, traffic is a bitch, but there is no way I am standing you up!"

I finally arrived at the hotel, took the elevator to the 6th floor and knocked on room 623. RED opened the door and I walked into the room. RED was wearing a button down shirt and was in shorts. RED had the most beautiful silky smooth legs. My loins were aching, but I did not want to seem to anxious.

I popped open the Chardonay, and poured the wine into a couple of glasses. RED and I sat on a sofa in a small living area suite next to the bedroom chating about life, but not a word about sex. After 20 minutes, RED looked at me. She had this anxious look, much like the look I had when I first met her. Without warning RED locked on to my lips with hers. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and played a Tango with my tounge. I instantly felt an instant rise in my pants. My left hand instinctively began to fondle her left breast. Oh man, did her tit feel so soft. I suddenly felt over my pants her hand go up and down over my crotch. I didnt think my cock could get much bigger, but it did!

After 5 minutes of couch play, RED suggested we get "comfortable". We both stood. I pulled my golf shirt over my head and threw it on the sofa. We kissed some more while standing. Then RED walked over to the bed. She took off her shirt, leaving her bra on, and pulled down her shorts with panties. The sight of her body just almost made me cream right there but I wanted to hold back for obvious reasons. All RED had on was a black bra. She had a nicely trimmed red bush. I pulled down my pants and underwear, exposing a rock hard cock ready for action! I noticed a evil smile on RED as my underwear dropped down to my feet. That was all I need to see!

RED then went to lie down on the bed. I walked over to the bed and took my place next to her. We locked lips again. One thing was for sure, we did not need lessons in French kissing! I crawled on top of her. No, I was not ready to fuck, I was ready for FOREPLAY. RED still had to lose the bra. But that was ok with me. I felt like a kid a Christmas. RED had a front clip bra. I unhooked the clasps which easily broke open exposing two large breasts with nips standing at attention. Instinctively, I started kissing the large aeriol and nipple on the right while fondling the left. I gave REDS tits much attention for a few minutes while I heard her moan with pleasure. Then I made my way down her belly, kissing every inch of it as I targeted ground zero.

I finally felt pubic hair hit my tongue. I spread her legs a bit further apart and teased her clit with the end of my tongue. Instantly I heard a louder moan. I went a bit further down and began to tough fuck her squirting hole. Oh man, it tasted so gooooooood! I felt REDS legs close in on my head like a vise. I rammed my tongue in and out for a bit, then teased her clit once again.

I then got up and lied down face up on the bed. It was REDS turn. RED went straight for my hard cock and swallowed it. RED went up and down on my ever hard cock like a pump in an oil field. RED then did something that drove my out of this world. She took my cock and used it like she was putting on lipstick. I almost shot my load then but again, held back. RED then crawled on to of me and we locked lips once again. My cock could not take the stress. While RED was on top of me it found its place, inside her wet warm pussy. I moved it in and out slowly while our lips were locked together. It was a feeling I had not felt in a long time. It was a mutual feeling of lust which we both loved. I loved the feel of REDS breasts against my chest as we fucked.

RED then got up and straddled me like she was riding a horse. She rocked back and forth while my hands and lips locked on to her double D's. RED rode me like that for 15 minutes.My finger roamed down to where our genitals were locked together. RED was so wet I could hear the sound of wetness with each rock. I rubbed her clit with my finger coordinating the stroks with her rocking motion. That did it! We both felt each other explode as we could not hold it in any longer. We both moaned and yelled. I felt my load enter her body as she let out the final moan.

I did not kiss and leave after that. I stayed, we talked some more, sipped some more wine and enjoyed each others company in our birthday suites. Then I got this urge. I fingered her pussy all of a sudden and got hard all over. RED got hot and horny again. I wont go any further but I will tell you that this time her legs were on my shoulders as we did the missionary thing.

I would love to go on but I will save the story at another time.

If any of you ladies wish to help me act out my fantasy, please drop me a line! I would love to hear from you.

Love to all you horny girls out there!


ellisandria 59F
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3/8/2006 7:39 am

lucky red she got all your penned up lust {E}

WildAction5 54M

3/9/2006 8:34 pm

Oh I wish Red got my penned up lust. I just have a wild imagination.

pollywogspond 57F
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4/4/2006 9:41 pm

if your cock is as big as it looks in the picture and you can fuck like your fantasy than i'd like to be on the reciving end

WildAction5 54M

4/5/2006 9:14 pm

Ms. Polly, Hit me up

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