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Char & I got together 16 yrs ago - at that time she was 24 and more experienced than I - we have very little in common so I question the dating services that try to match on the basis of both persons in a couple being "alike" - the one factor that we do share is that we are both very intelligent (I have a PhD). Intelligence seems to be 'enough', so long as we both exercise it - the acts of 'togetherness' like cuddling in bed every night are significant - travel together and shared, relaxing experiences also help. Very likely swinging experiences could fall into this 'shared' category if they were carefully structured and close attention was paid to the feelings of everyone involved. We explore little things like low-carb foods, adventures in wines, our hot-tub, cooking, exercise (like tandem biking) - all things that a blind person may participate in fully.
Yes, my sexual energy is less than it was 16 yrs ago, and yes - I do take Viagra, and a testosterone rub - but Char has made a consious decision on at least two occassions to choose life with me rather than with a alternative male with other 'deficiencies'. I have pursued life with her, not because of her youth, I considered that a disadvantage from the beginning, but rather because she is a joyful person, interesting, with very different perspectives than mine, raised in a different culture - these are things that make a mate persistently interesting.
She abhores mid-western food, and I don't really care for Mexican - but we can collaborate on a pot of soup that satisifies both our appitities. She is diabetic and I am old, but we are not our disabilities!

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